Birds of A Feather – Unexpected Modern Sichuan Cuisine

Birds of A Feather – A somewhat different and unique name for a restaurant. When I suggested this place for dinner, the friend asked what kind of restaurant is this?? lol Situated on Amoy Street (which has seen lots of hip F&B establishments in the area recently), this place is packed even on a weekday night. I like the ambience of the place, it felt like stepping into a garden and it puts you in a relaxed mood to have a meal here. Service was attentive and enthusiastic, from the point I stepped in till the time when we left. Largely revolved around Sichuan cuisine, inspired from Chengdu where the owners are from. And of course to cater to local palates, the spiciness is toned down and layered with contemporary flavours to give it a refreshing and surprising mix of results



Rain Will Stop $23

Gin, Lychee, Cacao White, Yuzu Tonic

Probably the most visually appealing cocktail I’ve seen, they don’t let down on the content either. A refreshing and easy one to start


Find the Chicken in the Chillies $16

Or find the chillies in the chicken. This plate of starter is really addictive. Even though the spiciness kicks in after awhile and you feel like your mouth starts to get numb, the flavours were right. I can have another plate of this


Spicy Oriental Bolognaise $22

Angel Hair Pasta, Spicy Pork Ragout, Onsen Tamago, Wilted Kale and Sakura Ebi

They do serve a non-spicy version of this. The pasta didn’t turn out as spicy as I thought, which was good. The cook on the pasta was just right and I thought they were pretty smart to use minced meat instead of diced-cut pork instead


‘Xiang Su’ Duck $33

Seared Braised Duck Meat & Duck Leg Confit, Roasted Potato Puree, Sichuan Pickled Vegetables, Tian Mian Duck Jus

The execution of the duck confit was excellent with tender meat and really crispy skin. Somehow the traditional braised duck meat felt a little more chewy. It feels a little strange to pair both together but I thought the combination is still okay without much clash in flavours


And cos they do bespoke cocktails as well, I asked for a strong Whiskey based drink. Be careful what you asked for – this drink was damn freaking strong


So the friend also asked for a Whiskey based drink, with specific instructions not as strong as mine after she drank mine. HA


A surprise birthday cake from the team. This Jasmine cake wows in every way. Love the sweet subtle Jasmine flavour which hit in every note

I thought Birds of A Feather surprises in every way. A nice touch to a different kind of Sichuan cuisine, for those who love spiciness in their food and of course they do have non-spicy food as well. I left pretty impressed. It’s definitely a place I would love to return even for a casual date night

Birds of A Feather

115 Amoy Street #01-01, S(069935)

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