Yakiniku Yazawa – Good Quality Beef at Robertson Quay

Yakiniku Yazawa has always been one of the places I’ve wanted to try but somehow every time I tried to book, the place is always full. And I can sense its popularity when I finally made it down one day. The restaurant is packed with regulars; locals and Japanese with some being directed to its sister restaurant at Masa Steak & Hamburg. We even spotted celebrities there. Even though the place is crowded, but I like how they divide each space so you still get your own privacy. There is a standard 1.5 hours of dining time though if you dine later and there are no customers after that, you still get to enjoy the rest of the night in the restaurant




Yukke $20

Wagyu Tartare with Egg Yolk

We started with a tartare cos it appeared quite often on their instagram. And the friend asked if we were supposed to cook this before eating. Well, I highly doubt so if not the meat will just disappear into the grills. In any case, the beef was fresh and the runny yolk added a silky texture to it


Kimchi Natto Don $16

Rice Bowl Mixed with Kimchi, Natto & Egg Yolk

I can only say this was a mistake. It wasn’t exactly pleasing to the palate (I mean how can anyone like this??) so we left this untouched. And the friend asked why I had to order this amidst all the other rice options. lol


Best Cut of Ox Tongue $32

I really enjoyed the texture of the ox tongue. It was indeed the best cut of the ox tongue. Silky, bouncy and chewy


Tokusen Dice Cut in Shio $48

I thought you can give the dice cut a miss. I felt like other cut of the cow did more justice


Misuji in Tare $38

The misuji is another one you can try and I’m glad I ordered this in tare. The slight saltiness on the thinly sliced cut was really delicious


Shin Rosu in Shio $80

The steak cut. Love the marbling on this


Snapseed 3

Ordered some sanchu as well, cos the oiliness was a little overwhelming after awhile

Snapseed 4

Ryukyu Caramel Pudding $7

Custard Pudding Made from Okinawa Brown Sugar

Which was honestly way too sweet for me. This was regret #2

Honestly, it probably isn’t the cheapest place but I do think the quality of the beef makes up for it. And once in awhile if you feel like having BBQ beef, you can give this place a try. They do serve pork and chicken as well for those who are not beef eaters though selection is pretty minimal

Yakiniku Yazawa

11 Unity St, #01-01

Robertson Walk

Singapore 237995

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