Claypots Full Circle – A Mediterranean Take on Seafood at Amoy Street

The concept behind Claypots Full Circle originated from Melbourne, Australia and was brought over to Singapore by a group of people who fell in love with this seafood joint. When I first told the friend I wanted to check out this place, she thought we were going to eat claypot rice.. lol. Interestingly, this place focuses more on fresh seafood with a take on Mediterranean and Asian flavours and if you are not a fan of seafood, it is quite difficult to find a main that is non-seafood related on their menu


You shouldn’t miss their happy hour. They serve really good cocktails


Lychee & Apple Rum Cocktail

I love this, you should give this a try!



Complimentary Appetisers – Mushrooms and Olives

Snapseed 5

Trio of Drips $18

Tzatziki, Hummus, Eggplant Dip served with Pide

A dish that was recommended by the staffs to order, it didn’t disappoint. We love the accompanying dips that came with it, but we love the Pide even more

Snapseed 4

It was insanely good when eaten warm. Love the soft bread with a nice grilled taste and a slightly crisp texture. I think we could have another plate of this

Snapseed 8

Cheese Saganaki $9

The grilled cheese tasted pretty interesting as well. If I were to eat this with my eyes closed, you can’t tell it’s cheese from the texture. It was somewhat like a chao-tah bread with a slight chewy texture. But perhaps the burnt bits could tone down a little so that the cheese flavour could come through a little more


Grilled Brocollini $8

The friends said: This is the best brocollini I’ve eaten. Okay, they are exaggerating but these brocollini are really good. Love how you can taste the charred taste in the vegetables topped with a little lemon to balance the flavour

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Moroccan Claypot $26

A little heavy on the spices, not something I would order again given they have other things on the menu to try. Though you can find plenty of mussels, clams and stingray in it


Full Circle Port Arlington Mussels $25

These mussels were huge and fresh, chewy and sweet. Love the earthiness of the broth with fragrance of garlic. Might be a little salty though, but I would order this again

Snapseed 6

Stingray with Lemongrass & Lime $15

Not your usual stingray, it feels very much Thai-inspired. A little different but still impactful in flavour. Though I would very much prefer my sambal stingray

Snapseed 7

Grilled Baby Seabass with Charmila $48

This seabass was worth the wait. Nicely grilled with the meat sweet and soft, it was the definition of fresh seafood


Given this place is still relatively new, I felt like they have every inch of potential to be the next seafood restaurant to watch for. Would love to see a variety of menu with carbs included going forward. But I do think this place is worth returning, for the quality and service and just a nice place to chill after work

Claypots Full Circle 

103 Amoy Street, Singapore 069923

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  1. Hi, I’m from Claypots. We chanced upon your review. Thanks for the in-depth write-up about us and we’re really glad you enjoyed the food! We would love to share this post with your permission. Looking forward to hear from you.


    1. irisslove says:

      Hi Michelle, sure! Please go ahead 🙂


      1. Michelle, Claypots Full Circle says:

        I have just shared it on our Facebook page. Thanks so much and we really appreciate the review:)


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