Plum & Toro – Japanese Teppanyaki at Robertson Quay

Plum & Toro is probably quite new on the radar, so new that you probably don’t find much information available. Housed in InterContinental Robertson Quay, Plum & Toro is located just opposite their popular neighbour Wolfgang Steakhouse. Headed by Chef Hideki Ii or otherwise better known as Chef E, who also operates Izy izakaya and Ishi Japanese restaurant, Plum & Toro focuses more on Japanese teppanyaki and chargrilled items. There is also a 10-seater cocktail bar in sight with liquor and sakes imported from Japan. Menu isn’t the most extensive but I think it’s enough to get you satisfied



The place was so empty it was awkward watching the chef since we know they are just waiting for our orders to come


Kumamoto $23

Ginka Torikai (Rice Shochu), Pomegranate, Cointreau, Lime


Lemongrass Gin Fizz $24

Nikka Coffey Fin, Lemongrass, Lemongrass, Absinthe, Soda


Uni Corn $30

Sweet Corn Tempura with Ohba Leaf & Sea Urchin Sauce

Love the explosion of the sweet corn in your mouth topped with the creaminess of the uni. It felt like the 2 combination worked together with the crunch and flavour


Kaki Furai $22

Deep Fried Hikaroshina Oyster, Dripped with Sweet Soy Sauce and Sansho Pepper

Sorry the picture went a little out of focus but I really like this deep fried oyster dish. The crispiness of the outer texture and the juice of the oyster complement each other well, finished with a little sweet sauce


Hotate $26

Grilled Hokkaido Scallop with Yaki Nori and Wasabi

Scallops were nicely grilled and so were the asparagus that has a nice charred taste to it as well

Processed with VSCO with hb1 preset

Lobster $38

Gilled Canadian Lobster Tail with Leek Mayo & Red Tobiko

One of my favourite dishes of the night, these lobsters were succulent and sweet. Love the overall creaminess of the broth and the crunch of the red tobiko


Tsukune $15

Chargrilled Chicken Meatball Skewer with Yakitori Tare Sauce

A very decent plate of tsukune, firm and sweet


Yaki Buta $18

Twice Cooked Pork Belly with Ichimi Togarashi in Omelette Style


Wagyu Burger $25

Yakiniku Wagyu Kiriotoshi with Grilled Onions on Charcoal Bun

This probably surprises us the most. Love the fragrant and charred charcoal bun, the tender slices of the wagyu beef and the nicely done seaweed prices. It was everything perfect on a plate


Sakura Ebi $18

Teppanyaki Fried Rice with Cherry Blossom Shrimp and Ao Nori

The teppanyaki fried rice did pretty well on its own as well. It has a deep garlic fragrance, elevated by the cherry blossom shrimp


Kuro Goma Icecream $7


Strawberry Chilli Sorbet $7

Spicy Strawberry Puree Sorbet with Sweet Cream Sauce and Diced Strawberry


Sweet Potato Vanilla $12

Oven Baked Japanese Sweet Potato with Vanilla Icecream

Probably the only dessert worth mentioning, the other 2 were pretty meh. You can give this sweet potato a try. Imported from Japan, topped with snow salt that melt in your mouth, it was a pretty decent dessert to end the meal


Matcha Cocktail


Espresso Martini

We were recommended the desserts cocktail which we were not very impressed with

The food definitely won me over, more than the drinks. And I thought it’s a pretty nice place to chill. Definitely won’t mind returning back to try the other dishes as well

Plum and Toro

The InterContinental Singapore Robertson Quay

1 Nanson Rd, #02-07

Singapore 238909

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