Epiphyte Cafe – Serving Pink Risotto & Beautiful Desserts

A trip to Epiphyte cafe took awhile, after finding time amidst our busy schedule and cos the first time we went down, they were closed. I’m glad the second trip was a success if not I would have to make the third trip down. Located along Neil road, this place is known for their striking pink risotto and beautiful edible desserts. Lunch crowd was thin, probably the perks of being away from the CBD area. You can find greeneries in the cafe, as if to recreate another sanctuary for you to relax in


Terrariums and plants all around!



Matcha Latte $6.50


Rose Liqueur Latte $8.50

The latte came without the rose liqueur initially and I was wondering where is the rose in it. But they gladly make me a second cup with the correct order. I enjoyed the latte which had a strong rose flavour to it, balanced by coffee and the sweetness and fragrance of the rose liqeuer. The latte here had a slightly thicker foam, with the texture similar to whipped cream


Pink Risotto $26

Beetroot Risotto Simmered in Seafood Broth and Parmigiana, Topped with Pan Seared Scallops


I was skeptical of the beetroot risotto cos I’m not really a fan of beetroot. But the rice was cooked well, beautifully infused with the delightful flavour of the seafood. The scallops were sweet but could be a little more firm. I was pleasantly surprised by the combination of the elements


Atlantic Salmon with Prawn Bisque $27

Sous Vide Salmon Drizzled in Prawn Bisque

 The presentation paled in comparison to the risotto clearly. The salmon was cooked well but I thought the meat wasn’t as firm and the prawn bisque might be a little too heavy for the sweet salmon


Twilight $10 (left) Terrarium $9 (right)


Pistachio Siphon Sponge, Croustillant, Plum Konnyaku, Diplomat, Flowers, Peach Liqueur Sauce

I would give it to them for the creativity and presentation. It looks beautiful and it tastes pretty decent as well. The sponge cake was moist and the whole combination with the konnyaku jelly and crunchy bits was a burst of texture. I thought there wasn’t much pistachio flavour in it. The taste would probably be more elevated if the taste of the pistachio was stronger


Mexican Dark Chocolate Mousse, Cointreau Liqueur Orange Curd, Light Chocolate Sponge

The mousse was creamy and thick with a rich chocolate taste without being too overwhelming. Love the beautifully decorated thin layer of galaxy construct and the pairing of the orange curd

Processed with VSCO with a5 preset

I think lots of effort have been put into conceptualising the menu for this cafe. The savouries were an infusion of modern European fare and the desserts were a feast for the eyes. Epiphyte Cafe serves some decent food and is worth considering if you are in the area

Epiphyte Cafe

47 Neil Rd, Singapore 088827

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