Kaneta Shoten – Finding Ramen at Chinatown Point

Kaneta Shoten occupies the middle section of basement one in Chinatown Point. You might just miss it walking past without realising it. The shop serves a range of ramen, rice bowls and sides so it gives diners a variety of options to choose from. Peak hours can be pretty crowded but the queue moves pretty fast



Condiments, radish and free flow of hard boiled eggs!


Tonkotsu Shoyu Ramen with Special Full-Topping $17.90

With broth made from pork bones, fat and collagen over high heat for many hours, the result was a creamy, sweet and flavourful pork infused ramen broth


The noodles were chewy and nicely done but the execution of the char siu proved to be inconsistent with some more tender than the others


And flavoured egg is always a favourite


Tonkotsu Spicy Miso with Flavoured Soft Boiled Egg $14.90

We went for the spicy soup base as well. Spicy bean paste added with 7 different spices blended perfectly with miso ramen, I thought the broth was just okay. The spiciness didn’t really kick in or perhaps my tolerance for spice is just higher


The cha siu here had a really strong pork taste to it which I didn’t really like it. I thought the flavours could be more enhanced if they have grilled the pork to give that slight smokiness to it


Spicy Mazesoba $14.90

Dry Ramen with Spicy Sauce, topped with Minced Pork, Mushroom, Seaweed & Soft Boiled Egg

The friend thought the dry ramen was pretty meh. We both agreed the tonkotsu ramen fared better

Overall, I thought the ramen here was just okay. It’s one of those I don’t mind going back again but it’s not on top of the list consideration. But for its convenience and accessibility, I think this might be a hit with lunch time crowd

Kaneta Shoten

Chinatown Point

133 New Bridge Road

B1-44/45, S(059413)

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