Mad About Sucre – Summer Menu 2017

Mad About Sucre has recently launched their Summer Menu, inspired by their childhood memories. It was pretty crowded for their first weekend launch, and ingredients for certain items were sold out so we were really fortunate we got to try their top 2 popular items – Pork Belly & Seafood Rice. Introducing to you their 3 new desserts as well for this summer; 1982 Lime, Sunkissed & E.Ti, their tea pairing has also changed slightly to accommodate this new menu. So let’s see what surprises await us this season

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Sautéed Beer-Marinated Paper-Thin Pork Belly, Grattons, Caramelised Green Apple, Seasonal Vegetables $38

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The friend went straight for the pork rind while I went first for the tomatoes, clearly different priorities. The deep fried pork rind was so deliciously crisp, sinful and the slight oiliness circled in your mouth as you savoured the flavours. The tomatoes were infused with the flavours of the pork, and you can taste the distinct sweetness of the protein. Lastly, the pork was tender, well marinated with a robust sweetness and smokiness that you just want to continue eating. The green apples rounded off the dish with a balance of slight acidity followed by a sweet aftertaste

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‘One Plate’ Fresh Seafood, French Poultry & Pan Rice, Flambéed with Aged Cognac $48

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Distinctly similar to Paella, this dish was flambéed with cognac to trap the flavours of seafood in the rice. The result was a beautifully cooked dish that was fragrant, sweet and packed with the flavours of the seafood. Each grain was plump, soft and moist enough to savour the sweetness of the ingredients. Topped with mussels, prawns, squid, salmon, spicy chorizo and chicken, it was a ‘One Plate’ you won’t mind having one by yourself. My only suggestion, would be for the salmon to be less cooked. The fish was a little dry which I thought was a pity to a somewhat perfectly executed dish

Moving to desserts, which we are always excited about, bring us 3 new desserts this season

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1982 White Lime (With tea pairing) $24.70

Lime, Lemon, White Rum, Mint, Citrus Sponge, White Chocolate

Paired with Lavender, Apple, Orange, Elderberry, Raspberry Tea

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The story derives from the owners who visited the European Island for the first time and as they were walking along this field, one white lime caught their attention. This dessert is shelled by a thin layer of white chocolate with 4 layers within. Right in the middle we have lime, mint & white rum, followed by a mint ganache, a citrus sponge cake and a lime and mint cream. James was joking how this resembled salted egg when you pair them with Teochew porridge

FullSizeRender 19

This dessert might not be the most instagram-able being so flat and unflattering. But the components in each layer is so outstanding I would go back and have this anytime. I like how balanced the lime and lemon is without being too overpowering on its acidity, yet you can still taste the sweetness of the dessert and a mild minty aftertaste

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Sunkissed (With tea pairing) $20.70 / (Takeaway) $12.80

Light Cheese, Normandy Sable

Like sun kissed colour, that was how this dessert got its name. The owners had pink guava in a caribbean island for the first time and the memory of the fruit has been etched in their mind which recreated this dessert

FullSizeRender 26

4 layers as well, with the base a sweet short pastry, followed by almond sponge, cream cheese and pink guava cream, decorated with pink guava puree drops and topped with pink salt & guava flavoured twirl

Having this in your mouth is like having a party. The crumble of the pastry, the softness of the sponge, the distinct saltiness and heavy flavour of the cream cheese rounded off with the sweetness of the pink guava. Aesthetically, this is a beautiful dessert. Taste-wise, when you eat all four layers together, they blended well which gives a rounded finish. But perhaps the touch heaviness of the cream cheese might not fit well with some people. It’s one of those; if you love it, you love it, if you hate it, you hate it kind of dish

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E.Ti (With Tea Pairing $21.90) / (Takeaway) $14

Cold-Dropped Espresso Coffee, Dark Chocolate, Chopped Organic Almonds, Spanish Mandarin Orange, Nut Sponge, Chantilly Cream

Paired with Himalayan Black Tea, Chamomile, Orange, Anise, Fennel, Cambodian Pepper, Cardamom

The bittersweet feeling when Summer is over, you will find the exact flavours in this dessert. For a moment I thought their inspiration came from Yayoi Kusama (so many dots! lol)

FullSizeRender 31

Espresso drip into a shell, dark chocolate and mandarin orange. So exquisite, so detailed, so beautiful. I thought the flavours were impeccable on its own, but somehow when we combine everything, it tasted so gentle we can’t quite put into words. Nevertheless, never thought coffee and orange work this well together. I like how they added a touch of their initial to the dessert as well

I am impressed by how they manage to outdo themselves with each season, and brings a surprise to diners each time they visit. I am still always excited to visit, for I know they is something in there that will draw me back. And for those of you who have yet to try their Summer menu, do drop by and taste for yourself

Mad About Sucre

27 Teo Hong Road, S(088334)

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