Lunar Coffee Brewers – Serving Decent Lunch at OUE Downtown

Lunar Coffee Brewers opened a month ago and occupies the corner of OUE Downtown on ground level. You wouldn’t miss the cafe once you enter the entrance via McCallum street. The design of the cafe gave a fresh, clean and minimalist feeling. Opened by the people behind Atlas Coffeehouse, Lunar Coffee Brewers gives the CBD crowd a treat of their lunch selection with fusion rice and noodle bowl options



Flat White $4.50

The coffee is sourced from Two Degrees North Coffee co. The blend gives you a smooth, velvety easy to drink brew


Summer Chicken Stew $14.50

Roasted Chicken Leg, Herbed Potatoes & Carrots in Sun-dried Tomato Cream Broth, Served with Toasted Sourdough

The stew was served piping hot, and the portion was surprisingly big. The beautifully cooked chicken leg was immersed in a hearty broth packed with herbs and sweetness. It was a very comforting bowl of chicken stew


Miso Nori Salmon Soba $14.50

Poached Salmon, Miso Nori Butter, Onsen Egg, Pickled Vegetables on Soba



I really enjoyed the Lunar’s take on this dish. The soba was cooked right and the whole dish was flavourful. The salmon was poached beautifully as well. The pickles and ginger added crunch to the noodles, finished by a beautiful onsen egg


Truffle Fries $8

A gigantic bowl of truffle fries with a strong truffle aroma, good for sharing. I had one whole bowl to myself, it was a mistake. =/

In any case, I was glad there was a place in CBD to satisfy my truffle fries craving now

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Chocolate Banana Tart $7.50

I really enjoyed their chocolate banana tart, which had a good balance of dark chocolate and sweet banana. It would be a good cheer-me-up treat if you are feeling down any day


I felt like this makes a good lunch place, and I will definitely come back for their bowl of delicious soba noodles. It can get pretty crowded during lunch time, so the food takes longer than expected to be served. I think this place has lots of potential, with a well planned concept and decently executed dishes. I would certainly hope for a change of menu from time to time

Lunar Coffee Brewers

6 Shenton Way, 01-49

OUE Downtown Gallery 2

Singapore 068809

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