Boru Boru X Candour Coffee – Pop Up Serving Chirashi Don

Located along Beach road, Boru Boru serves delicious Japanese rice bowls at an affordable price. This pop up stall in Candour Coffee occupies a small space within and has a decent menu catered to mostly lunch time crowd though they are opened for dinner as well (weekdays only). Signatures include Boru Chirashi, Truffle Somen, 48 degree Salmon (Mentaiko) and Shiro Maguro with some in limited quantities


Candour Coffee also serves a selection of sandwiches among others


Flat White $5

Using beans from Square Mile Coffee Roasters, the coffee tasted slightly light and somewhat tasteless. With a heavier balance of milk, it felt rather flat


Boru Chirashi $13.90 (Add Onsen Egg $1.50)


With mixture of salmon, tuna, octopus and shrimp, the cuts were fresh, chunky and generous. The rice was soft and sticky. I thought this packed bowl of chirashi was marinated nicely and the addition of the onsen egg was icing to the cake


Even though the friend was quite amused with me adding the egg to chirashi don, but hey, it turned out pretty well!


Shiro Maguro Boru with Onsen Egg $14.90

Wanted to try the salmon don but they sold out, so I had the Shiro Maguro instead


The maguro was more cooked than raw. So for people who don’t take raw food, you can actually consider this option. The maguro was lightly marinated and you could taste the slight smokiness. Topped with sweet corn and crunchy peas, the whole dish was very balanced, packed with a nice bunch of flavours

I do enjoy having their rice bowls though the portion might be a little too petite for some, and I definitely don’t mind returning again. I think the collaboration between Candour Coffee and Boru Boru seems to be an excellent choice since most of the people were seen having rice bowls instead of the food served at Candour. And for the coffee, I would just take it somewhere else

Boru Boru

41 Beach Rd, Singapore 189680

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