Hi Joyful – Never See Seafood The Same Way

I first found out about this place through a friend’s recommendation but never seem to find a chance to visit cos to find seafood khaki seems to be a pretty difficult task, and the amount of seafood being offered here is just crazy. Hi Joyful located at Smith street can be easily accessed through Chinatown food street. You can choose to sit outside where you can also order food from other stalls or the inside under the comfort of the air condition. There is a third level but from what it seems, that level is catered to people who have booked the KTV option




Feels very Korean-ish, in Chinese style

You will be given a survival pack at the start of the meal which consists of gloves, wet wipes, tissue and cutlery


Summer Berry Punch $7.80

Didn’t really know what to expect when I ordered this but the drink turned out to be quite nice

Processed with VSCO with hb1 preset

Seafood Combo (2-4 pax) $138.80

What the restaurant is known for. There are 4 soup bases to choose from: Clear, Mala, Tomyum and Pepper


Each pot comes with lobster, crab, green mussels, tiger prawns, bamboo clam, oyster, scallops, clams, crawfish. And also at the bottom of the pot you can also find black fungus, seaweed, beancurd skin, lotus roots, beansprouts, corn and quail eggs


There is just too much stuffs in there


Generally, the seafood here is pretty fresh. The mussels, clams, scallops, prawns all tasted pretty good. There isn’t much meat in the crawfish, but the display of those red shells certainly create some wow factor. We like the soup and were glad we went with the clear broth that was infused with the taste of seafood


And we found instant noodles towards the end! It was like super cheap thrill. The friend asked me how was the noodles. I told him, it tasted damn pretty delicious cos you can literally taste the MSG in it and he laughed. Probably another reason why the broth tasted exceptional


Chicken Satay $12.80

We ordered some of their dishes to try as well. The chicken satay was pretty decent. It was worth ordering


Fried Chicken Wings $12.80


Scrambled Eggs with Tomato $11.80

We love the eggs. It had a fragrant wok hei taste to it which added some flavours to the dish


Fried French Beans $13.80

The french beans had a good peppery kick to it. It reminded me of eating black pepper crabs


I think the four of us must be insane to order a seafood pot and other dishes cos clearly there was too much food. Well I thought this place was actually not bad. We hadn’t had much expectations since it sounded dubious. But there are some points to take note of. The noise level on the 3rd floor penetrates through the whole restaurant. So if you have a horrible voice, please do not terrify the other diners. We were so shocked by somebody singing up there we left with haste. The dining table can clearly only fit only one seafood pot. We had troubles finding space for other dishes we ended up just putting all the food in our mouth. There is a 15% discount for your birthday month and a 20% discount if it is your actual day which I thought that’s quite some savings to be made

Hi Joyful (嗨货)

27 Smith Street, Singapore 058941

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