The Wall SG – Whisky, Cocktails & Sumiyaki

Fans of whisky will love this place. The Wall at Tanjong Pagar road is the latest player to the whisky scene. There are actually not that many places in Singapore that focus on whisky itself, so having a bar that offers an incredulous variety of whisky is a rare find. The friend and I looked at the menu and we went wow – the selection is extensive. And if you are not a fan of whisky, they do bespoke cocktails as well. You will also be glad to know they serve food in the form of sumiyaki so you get to enjoy both the complements of food and whisky pairing at the same time


For first timers, the bartender suggested the whisky flight. 5 different sets to choose from, you can pick any to go with a specially curated menu for $12. We decided to try both East meet West and Smoke and Peat


East Meet West $37

The excitement of uncovering what each glass brings


Smoke and Peat $42

I thoroughly enjoyed their whisky. Though it smelled really strong, but each whisky has its own character which brings a different surprise. The smoothness of each whisky from start to finish also gave a pleasant experience


Grilled Marinated Puffer Fish $25

We ordered some grilled puffer fish to go along. These grilled slices reminded me of bak kwa. They tasted fragrance, sweet and chewy. It was a very good appetiser to go along


The whisky flight pairing menu: Chicken Wing, Chicken Thigh, Homemade Chicken Ball, Chicken & Leeks

Each dish is supposed to go with each glass of whisky. But in the midst of excitement, I finished my whisky even before the food arrived =X


The yakitori here is generally well received. I would definitely ordered them again


Grilled Squid $18

The squid had a good texture and were cooked well, but perhaps it would taste better if it was more fragrant


Bespoke Cocktail


Ordered a glass of cocktail to go along and we found a surprise in the ice



Warabi Mochi $10

Just had to order the warabi mochi to end off the night which the friend said they tasted very similar to Japan with room for improvement. To me, they tasted very good. Super soft and chewy, they were light with peanut powder and a pleasant sweet taste

I was glad to finally make it down to The Wall even though it was so crowded when we visited, we felt a little neglected. The bartender was a little scary to approach. Friendly abit lah… I mean I have no doubt he knows his stuff about whisky but usually customers who sit at the bar are very open to having conversations and if there is no interaction, it is just awkward. Still, this is a place worth checking out and I can see how popular this place will be in time to come

The Wall SG

76 Tanjong Pagar Road, Singapore 088497


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