Stray by Fatcat – Serving Modern Asian Food at Orchard Central

Fans of Fatcat will be happy to hear the tiny cafe at Bedok now has a second outlet at a central location, serving savory food as well. Located on the fourth story, the quiet corner seems pretty excluded from the rest of the shops and sports a hint of industrial design


The savoury menu is pretty limited even though they are serving the full menu now. With most of their desserts still on their menu, you can choose from the popping spheres, plated desserts to soft serve. They do lunch specials as well, from a selection of their mains with complimentary tea/coffee. Their drinks menu is rather different with likes of butter coffee, red velvet latte and smoked mocha


Flat White $5 ($0.20 for takeaway)

With beans from Two Degrees North Coffee Co, the coffee was smooth and creamy with a decent blend of sweetness. But I was a little amused by the extra charge for takeaways just cos takeaway coffee is pretty common. Why would you want to force your customers to sit down specially for a cup of coffee when sometimes working people just want their coffee to-go. Just two cents worth

Nitro Tea $7.50

A blend of rosehip and hibiscus


Nitro Coffee $7.50

 Okay I give it to them for being innovative. It’s not usual to find nitrogen infused coffee, but is there really a need for it? The iced black coffee reminded me of hand brew coffee using Aeropress technique when the coffee tasted clean, distinct without any acidity. You can taste the creaminess when you first drink it with the nitrogen still intact but it slowly dissipates after awhile. I would say there is a subtle difference in the coffee more than the tea


Stray Truffle Fries $12

The fries were pretty addictive with lots of truffle and tossed with chinese spices


Stray Spam Fries with Lime Curd $12

Stray went for thin-cut spam instead of your usual thick-cut spam fries, which required a higher level of execution since these spam tend to be easily overfried. The fries had good texture and were crisp without being too dry. But one thing about these fries is they tend to get cold easier because of the thinness, so don’t spend too much time taking photos/insta-story. The combination of lime curd was unique as the latter was more associated with desserts but I’m glad they went well. There is another option of horseradish mayo as well


Salmon Yusheng Bowl $20

Fresh salmon belly with ‘Louhei’ components such as shredded vegetables, plum sauce and prosperity crackers, served with onsen egg

Yusheng is something we have often during Chinese New Year. Even though it is not difficult to reproduce a dish like this, Stray manages to bring something same same but different to their menu


And by different, I meant an onsen tamago. It feels like having poke bowl, chinese style. I don’t know how to put a word to this. It is not bad, but it is not special either


Black Pepper Wagyu Bowl with Onsen Tamago $22

Australian wagyu beef served with Sichuan black pepper sauce

We like the beef. It was tender and well executed. The Sichuan taste could have been punchier. But I think what stood out most was the pink ginger foam. You can taste the distinct taste of the sweet ginger with a twist to it


Keep Popping Spheres $12

Lime, Lychee & Blood

Stray’s signature spheres are certainly not to be missed from their menu. I didn’t get to try the ones from their first outlet cos it was always sold out when I visited so I hope they have enough inventory here


 Black and Gold $18

Charcoal Waffles with Salted Egg Softserve, topped with Chocolate Sauce, Curry Fried Cereals and Gold Dust Garnishing

Honestly, I can’t taste any charcoal in it, but they make good waffles that are crisp and light. So anything that is different and visually appealing sells. Some might be deterred by a strange salted egg yolk soft serve. The softserve certainly tastes like salted egg yolk when you first have it, especially with the bits in it. But after awhile it just felt like vanilla soft serve. Eat it with the fried curry leaves for the fragrance and texture as they give you a different experience. Or if it still feels strange to you, bring a friend that likes salted egg yolk so that they can finish it for you

I think Stray certainly makes a good place to chill after shopping or catch up for some coffee and desserts. They have a limited savory menu and I hope they will expand in time to come but for those in the area, it is still worth checking out. Meow.

Stray by Fatcat

 #04-22A/23, Orchard Central,

181 Orchard Road, Singapore 238896

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