XIAN Seafood White Bee Hoon – Falling in Love with That Broth

XIAN seafood white bee hoon is located at a small coffeeshop in Ubi Avenue 1. The friend and I were in the vicinity running errands and decided to drop by for dinner to try this famous white bee hoon that people has been recommending. From the people by Cafe de Hong Kong, this stall specialises in white bee hoon using fresh seafood


There’s a selection of lala, crayfish and mixed seafood to choose from at various prices to suit your appetite


Mixed Seafood White Bee Hoon $10

We were contemplating whether to go for the mixed seafood or the crayfish and decided to go with the former. For $10, it had a good mix of crayfish, prawns and lala. Pretty reasonable I would say


Best part of the dish was the broth, which was light, milky and rich with flavours. We couldn’t stop slurping! Oh, and of course generous amount of park lard which both of us don’t eat


The crayfish meat was succulent, though a little small. Perhaps I should order the crayfish bee hoon next time. The seafood were pretty fresh even though we visited late at night


I really enjoy XIAN’s version of white bee hoon, with the silky noodles immersed in the stock and a hint of smokiness. It’s so addictively delicious it’s worth a visit

Xian 鲜 Seafood White Beehoon
Blk 304 Ubi Ave 1
Singapore 400304

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