SPRMRKT Kitchen & Bar – Bringing A New Concept at Robertson Quay

SPRMRKT decided to open another branch, this time all the way at Robertson Quay. Nestled at Singapore Tyler Print Institute, it is located next to Brussels Sprouts. Occupying two levels, the new SPRMKRT has a grocery section, cafe and a restaurant and you can tell the difference in concept upon setting foot. We had dinner at the restaurant on the second level where the attentive staff showed us the way. The restaurant has huge spaces, with a tastefully designed interior and exhibiting a cozy atmosphere


SPRMRKT Daily at level one


Love the bar area at the restaurant


Smoked Hamachi $18

The smoked hamachi was supposed to be infused with Earl Grey tea but there was very minimal tea taste and perhaps too faint to even notice. The service staff told us the first they tried this dish the tea taste was too overwhelming so they told the chef to tone it down. But apparently they decided to go the opposite end today. Topped with Panzanella and burnt scallion to bring out the sweetness of the fish, this dish speaks of summer and bring a overall smokiness to the palate


Grilled Oysters $15

Seasoned with garlic butter and parmesan cheese, the flavours were too overwhelming. I would prefer if they had find a balance between the sweetness of the oysters and the marinate


Mussels $23

Blue Lips Mussels with Rice Steak, Fumet, Cream and Bacon


It was a dish to love. A simple dish that showcases excellent cooking techniques. We love the flavours of the dish that brings out the sweetness of the mussels and the crunchy bacon to give that texture

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Fettuccine $24

Squid Ink Fettuccine with Tiger Prawn, Chilli, Bacon and Egg

They told us it was their take on hokkien mee, but we thought it felt more like mee pok. Still, this ang moh mee pok was really delicious. Pasta was well cooked and seasoned nicely, topped with big crunchy prawns


Ribs $28

Ribs with Salted Egg, White Beans Puree, Tomato, Watercress and Lime Vinaigrette

It’s not your ze char salted egg ribs, but we like their version on this. Even though it looks fairly dry, but it was a different story when you bite into them. The meat was really tender and you can just eat them like this. Some may not really enjoy their salted egg cos it felt more like a paste but I think the overall flavours make up for it


Fallen Mille-Feuille $16

Chocolate, Feuilletine, Orange Chantilly

A deconstructed version of the Mille-Feuille, SPRMRKT uses chocolate to highlight the dessert, balanced with cream, cookie crumble and icecream


Liquid Nutella $16

Vanilla Sponge, Banana Brûlée, Coffee, Nutella



A beautiful mess of delicate flavours. The nutella was mixed with coffee to give that aroma. Found the sponge a little dry but I think the banana brûlée deserves a little mention. And so are the roasted hazelnuts


To be honest, I wasn’t blown away by their starters but I was glad the mains and desserts make up for it. I didn’t had a good impression of the food at SPRMRKT @ Telok Ayer but I was happy to find enhanced flavours at their restaurant. Location wise, I thought it’s quite strategically and conveniently located for people who lived nearby. And having 3 concepts in one is just a smart one to beat. Given the size of the restaurant, there were not many staffs around so service might be a little slow. I do hope things will improve in time to come though

SPRMRKT Kitchen & Bar

41 Robertson Quay, #02-01, S(238236)

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