Ladurée – Brunch In Paris Like Never Before

Before I left, the friend reminded constantly to try Ladurée french toasts for they were the best he had tasted. Since I did not get to try them on my first trip to Paris, I made sure I am not going to miss them a second time. We went to the outlet at Rue Royale, located near the stretch of Rue Saint-Honoré for a Sunday brunch after making reservations on The Fork

The interior of Ladurée has influence of Paris architecture and it makes photography pretty challenging with all the yellow hues

But of course not forgetting all the delectables

We had 2 sets of Le Brunch at €49/set which consists of a great deal of food

Selection of Cured Cheese by Claire Griffon

Assortment of mini viennoiseries and breads, served with Bordier butter, honey and jam

Love the pastries but not the toasts. Felt that the toasts were a little too dry

Ladurée Granola and Plain Yoghurt

The yoghurt came in the form of pudding and when you add the granola into it, the whole combination was a surprise and an enjoyable delight

Dark and Milk Chocolate Biscuits, Macarons

Fried Eggs, Tomato and Crispy Bread

We were so inspired by this simple dish we decided to try this back home in Singapore

Warm Bread

We were amazed by the portion of bread they have included in the set

Processed with Snapseed.

Warm French Toast served with Maple Syrup and Chantilly Cream

This took forever to come, but it was worth the wait

Crispy on the outside and so soft on the inside with a taste that was creamy, eggy and sweet. All of us claimed it is really the best French Toast we have ever eaten

And the maple syrup that provided the magic

Omelette with Smoked Salmon €18

We ordered an extra omelette to share and had this customised since it wasn’t on the menu. I have to say the omelette is a worthy mention too. It was really delicious with the inside runny and sweet, balanced with the smoked salmon that gave the saltiness

Fruit Salad that ended our meal

Full was an understatement. The whole brunch took us 2.5 hours. Well, the locals do really know how to make a brunch relaxed and long. I can understand the hype around Ladurée French toasts after finally getting to try them, and I will recommend you to give it a try too

Ladurée Royale

18 Rue Royale, 75008 Paris, France

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