L’Absinthe – Thoughtful, Modern French Cuisine

L’Absinthe located at 1st arrondissement is on Michelin guide 2016 and was also recommended by the locals. It was a good location being near Rue Saint Honoré (after all that shopping) and conveniently located near our hotel (yay) since the easy accessibility also means we can get back quickly after dinner. This place proved to be popular and we were lucky we managed to score a seat without reservation since we were pretty early for dinner. The early autumn weather also makes it nice to dine alfresco where you can enjoy the cool breeze amidst the food and wine

Complimentary bread that tasted like our local 发糕, no kidding!

Squid Tagliatelle

This was one of the specials for the night and we were enticed by the description, so we ordered one to try. It was excellent. The squid was well cooked and prepared so delicately you would have thought you were eating the pasta. I like the seasoning of the tagliatelle and squid for they complement each other nicely

Burgundy-Style Small Snails

What we fondly term it as escargots, these snails were chewy and flavourful, filled with garlic, parsley and overflowing taste of butter

The Hot Duck, Grilled Foie Gras and Parmesan Cheese

The friend actually wanted to have the whole piece of foie gras instead of a sandwich, but the waiter has highly recommended this dish so in the end she relented to give this a try. The sandwich was crisp on the outside with the creaminess of the foie gras and cheese circling in your mouth as you savour into them. Though I must say, it was pretty filling

Crushed Spicy Avocado, Smoked Haddock and Crunchy Radishes

For those who prefer something light, refreshing and appetizing, the smoked haddock was sweet almost the garden-ish presentation

Grilled Chicken and Pea Salad

The chicken was so-so. Cooked pretty tender, the skin could be a little crispier and a little more seasoning overall

Crispy Small Ravioli with Lamb, Lemon Confit and Fresh Herb

Not a dish we see often, it provides a spin-off to the normal ravioli. The crispness of the ravioli reminds me of pan fried dumpling. I thought the filling could be a little more, though the portion of the ravioli in general proved more than enough

Grilled Sea Bass with Sweet Potato Puree

Love the sea bass! The skin was crisp and flavourful with the meat sweet and glistening


Sides of Baby Potatoes and Garlic Confit, Grilled Summer Vegetables, Fresh Mixed Garden Salad Leaves

Complimentary sides for our mains, which we did not finish

We chose just starter and mains cos the dessert menu doesn’t look very exciting, and we were glad we did since we were so full by then. Price list as below:

Starter + Main €35
Main + Dessert €32
Starter + Main + Dessert €45

Ala carte Options
Starter €13
Main €24
Dessert €11

Part of the Rostang Père & Filles group of restaurants, L’Absinthe has delivered modern French cuisine finalised by Chef Damien Laporte and his team. The food is straightforward and uses fresh ingredients to deliver delicious food, made from scratch. Service was attentive, with the enthusiastic waiter translating, recommending and making sure we understanding what he was talking about. A thoughtful and cozy bistro in a quiet environment, do drop by if you have time


24 Place du Marché Saint-Honoré, 75001 Paris, France

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