Hungry Bazterdz – Hearty Sandwiches at The Arcade, Raffles Place

CBD people, hear up! Introducing a new sandwich shop at Raffles Place by the name of Hungry Bazterdz, a rather quirky name I must say. Located at The Arcade, this place serves up some whacky sandwiches that are bound to please your palate. Think cheese steak, braised pulled beef and fried chicken. Not necessarily the most healthy option but sometimes you have to indulge yourself a little

Love that the sauces here are different too, but not that we get to try any cos the juices from the sandwiches were overflowing

White Coffee $5

Serving beans from Nomad the Gallant Coffee Roasters, I actually liked them. The roast was rounded and heavy bodied with a bitter and acidic aftertaste but the friend and I agreed that the coffee was pretty strong it kept us awake the whole afternoon

Grand Poobah $14

4-hour Braised Beef in Jus, Caramelised Onions, Emmental Cheese, Brioche Roll

So messy but yet so good. Not a desirable option if you are dining with somebody you want to impress. I lost count of the napkins I have used to finish this sandwich. The beef was tender and flavourful, paired with the caramelised onions to give it a sweet taste and balanced with melted cheese

Soy Garlic Chix $13

Soy Garlic Marinade, Pan Fried Chicken Thigh, Frisee, Crispy Noodles, Wholemeal Slices

The chicken thigh was nicely done as well with a slight charred taste. Love the crunch by the crispy noodles to give the sandwich an added texture

The place is small but we were lucky it wasn’t packed when we went. For those who love a hearty, meaty sandwich, this is probably a place you can consider. The menu is simple and straightforward and I think there is probably one that will catch your eye for lunch

Hungry Bazterdz

The Arcade

#01-06, 11 Collyer Quay, S(049319)

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