CATO – Exciting Asian Flavours With A Hint of Spice

Since we were in the vicinity, we decided to try out this new place CATO located in Chinatown, along South Bridge road. The place is easily accessible if you come from Chinatown mrt and just a few minutes’ walk away. This place is concepted as a restaurant and a bar (on the second floor) but corkage charge does not come cheap at $50. It is more advisable to get a drink from there. The menu revolved around tapas but has a few selection on mains so don’t worry if you think they will not fill your stomach

Large area good for big groups

Beer Beef Chilli & Cheese Fries $12

Cos the title sounded exciting, we decided to go for it. The beef was delicious and along with the melted cheese, the fries were wiped out in minutes. I honestly can’t tell if they were that delicious or the friends were just very hungry

CATO Wings $15

These wings are pretty good. Marinated with a beautiful touch of sweet and spiciness that leaves you wanting for more

Tom Yum Prawn Risotto $24

A twist on the classic risotto. I love how the rice was well cooked and absorbed with the flavours of the traditional tom yum flavour

Steam Baked Pork Cheek $28

Strips of pork cheek with port wine mustard sauce

I thought the meat was a little too chewy for my liking, but the friends seem to enjoy it alot

Aunty Jasmine’s Fish Curry $26

New Zealand Ling fish prepared Indian style

A beautiful mess that was enjoyed thoroughly by the table. Freshness and sweetness of the fish dipped in the exciting Indian spices. Only disappointment was they did not give us a spoon to drink the sauce

I was surprised this place was listed on Singapore Restaurant Week since their prices are pretty reasonable enough for you to go any other days. I really like this place for their flavours with a punch, and their take on Asian cuisine with a traditional yet modern twist. Even though this place has opened recently, I already see some promise in them

CATO Singapore

237 South Bridge Rd, S(058786)

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