Mad About Sucre – Back With A Fall Menu

Adapt to survive, this is how Mad about Sucre still steal my heart after such a long while. With an ever changing dessert menu, the patisserie has rolled out a savoury menu as well in order to capture a bigger audience. And so the friend and I went back to try their Fall collection

Lemon, Lychee, Wild Blossom Honey, Elderflower, Sparkling Mineral Water $9.80 (with menu orders) $13 (ala carte)

This special in-house cold blend is one of their popular orders for its refreshing flavour though you might not necessarily be able to tell what has been concocted. But if you need one to cool yourself down on a hot day, you will probably enjoy this

Melange du St Domingue $16.80 (with menu orders) $22 (ala carte)

Ice Chocolate, Cointreau, Gin, Ameratto

Part of their cofftail menu, a combination of coffee/chocolate with alcohol. The friend says she tasted more chocolate than anything else. But I thought the first taste started with a hint of chocolate, followed by the cream and then a full blast of alcohol and ending with a confused aftertaste. It was like everything mixed together that I can’t really tell what I’m drinking though the drink got more chocolatey towards the end

French Onion Soup Perfumed w Brandy and French Wine $8.80

A good start to the meal with a sweet and warm FOS

Champignion de Paris and Portobello Mushrooms w Cheese $16.80

A simple dish yet a heart stopper. Sweet and light cheese bursting into the corners of your mouth when you gently bite into those mushrooms. Just take my money

Cold Smoked Loin of Wild Salmon, Caviar, Eggs & Red Pepper Toast $26.60

A rather common eggs and salmon dish with a different take on toasts and the burst of caviar in your mouth. The friend really liked the eggs

Vent de Fleur $10.80

(Paired with Autumn pear and yuzu tea)

Fruit of Forest, Light Cheese, Hazelnut Crunch & Almond Sponge

Inspired by a flower that blossoms in Paris which looks delicate and fragile yet when the wind blows, the petals don’t fall easily. Interpretation of the cake is zen-like just like Autumn in Paris, calm and relaxed. Base of the cake is sponge with a light almond taste, followed by a light cream cheese mousse and hazelnut crunch. The little dots, a combination of mango puree and forest fruit, represent the changing colours of Autumn

We finished this in 5 seconds flat

Amour $11.80

(Paired with French Apple and Spanish Ginger tea)

Yuzu, French White Chocolate, Savoie Sponge, Meringue Disk & Citrus Zest

Similarly inspired by Autumn with yuzu as focus. A distinct 3 layers of cake with savoie sponge, white chocolate mousse and yuzu cream. We enjoyed the white chocolate mousse being fragrant yet not too sweet and the yuzu cream that was light and refreshing

English Celebration Cake $10.80

Nepali Earl Grey, French Cream Cheese, French Bergamot

Position in between a dense British cake and a French cake which is light, the name comes from the same sponge cake that is used to make all fondant cakes

The cake is on the dense side, yet without being too dry. Cream cheese was heavy in flavour and I can’t really sense the earl grey in the cake

Rue Montorguiel $15.30

(Paired with peach, mango, apricot and blood orange tea)

Cocktail of Fruit Liqueur-Imbibed Baba, Roasted Pistachio & French Liquored Cherry

Named after a street in Paris which was known for plentiful of cafes, the baba is a combination of bread and cake was introduced in 1825. The whole cake is soaked in liquor to maintain the moisture, topped with pistachio cream and forest fruit sauce

It takes an acquired taste to appreciate the baba, but the pistachio cream was divine. It was fragrant, smooth and hits the right notes

Montage de Neige $12.80

(Paired with honeycomb, camomile and mangosteen tea)

Chestnut, Chocolate French Caramel & Rum Chestnut Biscuit

Their take on the classic Mont Blanc cake with 55% ripe chestnut for the pyramid base, followed by 90% ripe chestnut and double French caramel and dark chocolate in the middle. Supported by 5mm chocolate and 1mm sponge cake as the base and topped with baked egg white, this is one damn difficult cake to make with the intricate details and layers, which also marks our favourite of the lot

You can taste the pleasant, sweet chestnut in your mouth and with the light and fragrant honeycomb tea was just the perfect combination

I like how this place always surprises with their cakes, which makes going back really enjoyable. I look forward to what Christmas cakes they might roll out next and for those who have yet to visit, you really should give it a try

Mad About Sucre

27 Teo Heng Road S(088334)

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