Planning A Hens Party – 10 suggestions, The Thoughts, Process and Execution

Planning a hens night for your girlfriend can be quite a headache cos most of the time you will want to organize something different for the bride-to-be. And every bride-to-be has their own prerequisites for the bachelorette party, with the most common being ‘Can we not play those stupid dare games?’. It’s a matter of preference and perception so my advice is to best check with the star of the night before planning anything. The planning committee had brainstormed a couple of activities for an enjoyable day and for you want to know, this was what we had come up with:

1. Cooking / Baking class

Cooking and baking lessons have since gained popularity over time, ranging from private parties to individual classes. For those who preferred a quiet and intimate session with just your girlfriends, you can always opt for a private party conducted by cooking schools

Cookyn Inc – I have engaged Cookyn Inc before and I thought it was a good experience with a customised menu, professional crew and in-house photographers to capture those wonderful moments for you. You get hands-on experience and also get to keep the recipes after the event ends. If you like to find out more, you can always read my previous experience here

Cost: ~$100-120/pax

Address: 31 Ah Hood Rd, S(329979)

ToTT Singapore – ToTT is not only a cooking school but it also encompasses a retail store and bistro. ToTT has 2 outlets, one at Dunearn and the other at the more convenient Suntec. Classes vary, so please do check out their schedule on their website. Do note some classes are very popular so advanced booking (like one month ahead) is recommended. We wanted to organise a baking class for the friend but unfortunately since it was all full, our plan failed

Cost: $68/pax or more

Address: 896 Dunearn Road, #01-01A Sime Darby Centre, S(589472) / 3 Temasek Blvd #02-427, S(038983)

ABC Cooking Studio – For those who love Japanese cuisine and want to go down that route, you can try ABC Cooking studio, a top cooking school from Japan. The best part about this is you can just go for the trial lessons if you are on a budget but also, advanced booking is recommended as well

Credits: ABC Cooking Studio Singapore

Cost: $48/pax

Address: 391A Orchard Road #03-12 Ngee Ann City Tower A, S(238873)

2. Cocktail Making Class

And since we couldn’t find a cooking school, we looked for alternatives. One that came up was cocktail making since the bride-to-be loves drinking and what better way than making your own drink. But the limitations of this is there are actually very few places that do such classes, so it was an uphill task

Drinkdings – Drinkdings is a mobile cocktail workshop site, that goes to places to conduct workshops at your own convenience. They can go to your homes or function rooms and you get to choose what kind of drinks you would like to make. Considering it is a mobile service, I’m not too sure what happens if you don’t have a place for them to come cos I asked them this question but they didn’t really answer my question. So we gave up and moved on

Cost: $60/pax or more

Ask a bartender friend – Well, if you have a bartender friend, better still. You get to save some money and still enjoy all the fun. Unfortunately our friend had to work that day so we didn’t have such luck 😦

Cost: Free!

3. Art & Craft Lessons

Art & craft lessons are not common, but if you look hard enough, you will still be able to find some by googling. We came across a place called Coffeemin, an event space in Suntec that holds classes like knitting, calligraphy, floral arrangement and leather crafting etc. They have a good range of classes so I believed there will be one that may fit everyone’s interests. Schedules vary so please do check with them before booking


Cost: Vary

4. KTV

We booked a KTV just in case we were bored and needed an activity to kill some time before or after dinner. But it turns out we didn’t need the session after all. But for some suggestions on which KTV to go, well, for one go to somewhere which is convenient. There are many KTV in Singapore – Partyworld, KBOX, Teo Heng, Ksuitez etc. Pick one that best fits your schedule

Cost: $30/pax or more

5. Staycation

In the end, we decided to go with the traditional staycation idea. Sometimes, parents don’t understand why kids like to book a hotel outside and not come home. But we do enjoy our friendly girl times and bond over nonsensical talks, alcohol and what’s not

Singapore has no lack of beautiful boutique hotels but I have to add sometimes boutique hotels are also rather inflexible (pfft). We decided to go with New Majestc hotel located off Bukit Pasoh road, a hotel that has a mix of modern and classic heritage. The rooms look pretty roomy so we thought it would be nice and big enough to be comfy

Having a pretty exterior is important cos it makes a good excuse to take lots of ootds, which takes up a portion of your afternoon so if you can’t think of anything else to do, that’s an option to kill some time

Cost: $350/night

Address: 31–37 Bukit Pasoh Road, S(089845)

6. Manicure / Pedicure / Spa

For those of you who like to make full use of your staycation, there’s always an idea of having a mini manicure session with your girlfriends, or if you feel like splurging, a spa in the vicinity is always welcomed as well

Moving on to the room, we have booked the Lifestyle room. We anticipated which room we will be given since it wasn’t mentioned upon booking. The room we had was 2-storey, full of light and had beautiful furnishing

Toileteries compliments of Kiehl’s

7. Decorations and Cupcakes

What’s a party without some decorations and delicious cupcakes. The balloons were ordered from wowletsparty; they do delivery and self collection but we chose the latter and cupcakes from Inthebrickyard. Poms poms were sourced from Carousell. 30 minutes later, and the room is all done!

Cost (decoration): $35 for balloon bouquet / $0.16 each for latex balloon / $0.80 each for pom pom

Such beautiful cupcakes ❤

Cupcakes were a mixture of Ondeh Ondeh and Earl Grey Lavender, customized with toppers and baked with love. Our favourite? Their best selling Ondeh Ondeh cupcakes, with a dash of gula melaka within

Cost: $3.50/regular cupcake, $6/topper

And just in case your friend arrives before the room is up, you can always give her mission to do to buy some time. Oh yes, that was what we did. We made her take selfies with random road signs (via communication on whatsapp of course) and count the number of trees along Bukit Pasoh road. Yeah, who needs enemies when you have friends like us 😉

8. Have lots of fun

Having lots of fun is important cos ultimately you want to give her a memorable day before she finally weds to be a wife. It doesn’t matter what activities you have planned, or worry about not having things to do cos I’m sure she will appreciate the effort you have done for her

Take lots of photos for memory sake as well 🙂

9. Have a good dinner together

Dinner is definitely part of the plan but you probably want a place that can accommodate large groups and perhaps not too heavy on the pocket. I personally recommend CATO just cos it fits all criteria. For a detailed write-up, please read here. I mean of course if you want something grander that serves more exquisite food (which also means a little more expensive) there’s no lack of choices in Singapore to choose from too 🙂

Cost: $30/pax

Address: 237 South Bridge Rd, S(058786)

10. End the night with drinks, and more drinks

Well, considering you already have a hotel room to yourself, you don’t have to worry about getting drunk outside. So make full use of the room and drink to your hearts’ content. Of course not forgetting to bring some card games where you can play silly drinking games like Circle of Death and Cut-throat Blackjack, all in the name of fun

The night will end sooner than you realize, just cos time always flies when you are having fun. So don’t worry if things don’t go according to plan and well just go with the flow. What’s most important is the company that you have, and the memories that you will remember for a long time 🙂

*All information is as of best of my knowledge. Please check with all schools/classes/websites before booking*

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