The Boiler – Louisiana Seafood in Industrial Tai Seng

This is my second Louisiana seafood experience and specially since I didn’t really have fond memories of the first. The Boiler isn’t located at the most accessible place but we were pleasantly surprised it was a full house on a weekday and in addition, we have walk-ins lining up the door waiting. So be punctual if you make a reservation if not your table will be released to those waiting. This concept isn’t one of the first in Singapore but apparently have pretty good reviews so the colleagues wanted to give it a try.

One thoughtful thing was they provided plastic bags for your phones in addition to the bib for the clothes

Spam Fries $7.90

Sweet Potato Fries $6.90

Both the spam fries and sweet potato fries were pretty normal in my opinion

Louisiana Spicy Mid Joint Wings $9.90

I like the wings. The sauce reminded me of buffalo wings but you can taste the crispiness of the skin and the tender chicken meat beneath

Fish & Chips $12.90

Boiler’s Bombdiggity Bag in Sauce of the month $145

I realised they increased the prices ever since they opened for business. Sauce of the month was Laksa Hae Bee Hiang, which sounded interesting enough for us to give it a try. The bag consists of Dungeness crabs, prawns, mussels, clams, sausages, corn & man tou that came as a side. The sauce was really good, like really good. It has a good balance of the dried shrimps and the full coconut flavour of laksa blended into one

And for first-timers, there are no cutleries nor plates provided. You eat the seafood from the plastic bag and just leave the shells on the table. If not, you can also choose to pour the content out and eat from the table

Boiler’s Bombdiggity Bag in The Works, Medium Spiciness

The other one we got was the spicy flavour in medium spiciness. This sauce however paled in comparison and you just don’t have the urge to finish the bag. Seafood was fresh and each shined on their own which I thought was pretty satisfying. I love the prawns, just succulent, big and juicy

Chef’s Dessert of The Week

Chef’s dessert of the week was a trio of fried banana, durian and coconut icecream. The coconut icecream was a winner but the fried banana was too young so as you bite, the texture was a little too firm and you can taste more of the sourness of a young banana than the sweetness of a ripe banana. The fried durian didn’t really wow me either

Chocolate Molten Lava Cake $10.90

We got 2 portions of this to try and I’m glad we did

The lava cake was baked nicely which has the chocolate oozing out as you cut into it. The rich chocolate sauce with the soft brownie cake and the sweet caramel icecream was a perfect combination

The Boiler has its hits and misses. For one, Louisiana-style seafood isn’t cheap. You will probably get more seafood at a typical zi char place at lesser price. Though I have to admit you are paying for the freshness here. The food here is generally well received and I’m glad I had better memories here than the first. But if you enjoy eating such cooking style, i.e.  seafood from a plastic bag and being messy, you can consider giving The Boiler a try

The Boiler

18 Howard Road #01-06

Novelty Bizcentre S(369585)

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