Le Kue – Asian Inspired French Desserts

I haven’t been to haji lane for the longest time ever. It used to be a shopping heaven but as time passes, the turnover rate for the shops there is so high and the selection of stuffs just dwindle over time as well. Right now haji lane sees a change in image with more new and hip cafes moving in and one of them is Le Kue, an Asian inspired serving French desserts cafe

The cafe is small, like elbow-touch-elbow kind of small and we were so early the shop just opened for the day. But the thing with being early, we get to take photos of the food anyway we want

Gateau aux Fraises $8.80

Or otherwise known as strawberry shortcake. While the usual strawberry shortcake sees different layers from top to bottom, Le Kue’s strawberry shortcake goes from the outer layer in. You get the cream first before ending with a strawberry essence right in the middle

Le Tropique $8.50

Chocolate mousse with a slab of passion fruit on top of a chocolate sponge cake

Honestly, I didn’t enjoy this cake very much. I thought the cream in the mousse was too heavy. You cannot taste the lightness in the cream and this goes for the strawberry shortcake as well. And so we had problem finishing the cake cos you get really sick over it after awhile

Le Sphere $18

A chocolate dome dessert with a brownie, chocolate hazelnut icecream and chocolate mousse

That melts under the chocolate

This was one of the plated dessert that was recommended and probably the best tasting dish of the meal. The friend was joking this tasted somewhat like Henri Charpentier but probably one third the price. I think the combination of all three goes well together but the chocolate can be a little richer

Even though this was focused on making Asian inspired French desserts, but I don’t really see any elements of Asian ingredients. It’s a place you can rest if you are looking for some cakes along haji lane but somehow, it seems to be missing some wow factor in their desserts

Le Kue

20 Haji Lane S(189213)

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