Twins – Delicious Korean Fried Chicken and Icecream Beer

Make way for a new Korean fried chicken restaurant in town. I’m not usually a fan of Korean fried chicken since i don’t quite get the hype over it and some places serve really expensive chicken wings and I really hate it when you have to queue up for them. But since Twins accept reservations, I decide to give it a try. The restaurant is opened by 2 twin brothers, hence the name and the cute cartoon picture you see on the table mats

Vanilla Ice Cream Beer $13.50

Something we don’t see quite often on the menu and I was intrigued by it, given I was no beer fan. So we ordered one to try. It was difficult to drink when the beer arrived cos the foam wouldn’t stop rising and overflowing. Honestly, I can’t tell whether it was foam or icecream but you can really taste the beer in it. I like how the beer was light and sweet as well which makes it easy to drink

Tokkbokki (Spicy) $18

We were debating whether to order the spicy or the very spicy, and we decide to go with the former. I was glad we went with it. The tokkbokki was daebak. The rice cakes were nicely done and the sauce was really spicy but still super shiok to eat. It makes you feel like you are eating this off on a Korean street in a typical cold weather. ha

Seafood Pancake $20

We were surprised by the pancakes cos they actually used spring onions as the base instead of the usual flour we eat. Despite a change in ingredients, they managed to pull off a fragrant and delicious pancake which was inviting and appetising

Original $18

I think this is easily one of the best Korean fried chicken I’ve eaten. The skin was crispy without being too greasy and the chicken was moist and tender. What won us over was the special mustard sauce that came along with it which was a delight to eat with

Yangnyum (Sweet & Spicy) $20

There was a choice to choose between sweet and spicy and spicy and we went with the former. For those who cannot take spice, don’t worry cos this is not spicy at all. It has a sweeter taste to it but overall, the marinate has good balance and flavour without overpowering the chicken

Soy & Garlic Chicken Wings $15

I think this is my second favourite. The use of soy and garlic marinate to the wings was sweet and addictive and you just cannot stop with the slightly crisp chicken skin

Woojae’s Spicy Seafood (Crab) Noodle Soup $16.90

Named after one of the brothers, this seafood noodle soup was a winner. I like the texture of the noodles and the generosity of the ingredients in the soup. But I think the best part was the broth where you can taste the sweetness of the seafood which was full in flavour

Bean Powder Snow Bingsoo $12

Cos we just have to end it with dessert, we ended up ordering one of their bingsoo to try. Their bean powder snow bingsoo was really good too. The ice was so fluffy and snowy and the milky taste gets nicer as you dig further into it. Topped it off with the smooth peanut powder and sweet red bean, it was a perfect end to the meal

I think Twins easily serves one of the better Korean fried chicken around though there is certainly no lack of Korean restaurants in Tanjong Pagar area. But be sure to try other food on the menu while there cos they are pretty decent as well. For those who are craving for Korean fried chicken, you know there’s now another place you can go to for your chicken fix and hey, they accept reservations 😉


7 Craig Road S(089667)

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