Ippin Cafe Bar – Serving Sincere Japanese Food From The Heart

There are many Japanese restaurants along the stretch of Mohamed Sultan road but one of the inconspicuous eateries probably goes to Ippin Cafe Bar, a place that serves home-style Japanese dishes, drinks and also sells various Japanese products. They have a limited menu which makes choosing much easier and you will be glad to know all prices are inclusive of GST

Very cute they put your name on the fan and probably for you to bring home as well

Deep Fried Oyster Set $24

The set comes with barley rice, salad, potato dish and soup

Rice Seasonings (Back) & Salad Seasonings (Front)

We love the wasabi rice flakes and the ponzu dressing goes well with the salad

Each bite of this dish screams home-cooked

Oysters from Hiroshima

The oysters were delicious. The texture is good, crispy and nicely breaded without being too greasy. When you bite into it, you enjoy the sweet and juicy oysters inside

Oyakodon Set $15

Big chunks of chicken boiled in dashi stock which makes it super delicious and tender. If they could just make the egg a little runnier, that will give the rice bowl extra flavour and sweetness, which will be an awesome end to the dish. But overall, it was a very decent bowl of oyakodon

Complimentary Desserts

Orange Jelly and Strawberry cookie. A tad weird but I shall just assume these are famous sweet treats from Japan 😉

I have to admit they serve pretty decent and affordable Japanese dishes, which reminds you of what you will eat in a typical Japanese home. The only downside was a limited menu and we were actually craving stingray fins to go with sake but because they didn’t have it, we left for Orihara. Hopefully they will revise their menu from time to time to keep up with the competition that the neighbouring Japanese restaurants have to offer

Ippin Cafe Bar

18 Mohamed Sultan Rd, S(238967)

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