Palette – High End Foodcourt by Breadtalk Group

Note: Food Republic has taken over the space occupied by Palette

Breadtalk Group has outdone themselves, and this time with a new F&B under their belt. Palette, is a place that serves food, food court style but restaurant service. The tenants under Palette include Ah Koong restaurant famous for their handmade fishballs, Balestier Bak Kut Teh, Ah Yat Seafood Restaurant, IndoChilli, Yong Xin Fried Hokkien Mee, Hok Kee, Little Nanyang and 90 GastroBar

They seat you, give you an ipad and you order away

Bak Kut Teh Twin Set Meal $19.90 ($24 after GST)

The pig trotters were really delicious. Meat was tender, soaked up in the amazing broth and filled with so much flavours

We enjoyed the soup too. There was a hint of peppery taste to it but the only concern was, we don’t know if refill is allowable (like all bak kut teh shops). Well, we didn’t ask either

Meat was soft and nice and balanced with a right amount of fats

There was also a set lunch option available from Monday to Friday 12-2pm which comes with a main, drink and dessert of the day at $12 (after GST)

Decided to try the fishball noodles from Ah Koong restaurant, a famous fishball noodles stall all the way from JB

I find it sad there were only 2 fishballs, like seriously? That aside, I thought the noodles as a whole was too heavy on flavours in all aspect. The texture of the noodles were good, but the sauce was a little too salty. The famed fishballs were salty and so was the deep fried beancurd skin. The only other thing which I can taste something different was probably the fried onions. I think I prefer my Ion fishball noodles anytime

The only consolation was the dessert which made my day. Ice jelly with coconut icecream topped with edible flowers. I like the bright and zesty flavours that came well together in this dessert

The concept behind this is good, for you don’t have to hustle among crowds and stay in line to queue to get your food. But of course, there’s a price to pay. It’s definitely not a place where you will go for lunch everyday but if you want to enjoy in the comfort of a very nice environment eating local dishes, well this is like Food Republic 2.0


13 Stamford Road Capitol Piazza

#B1-20/27 S(178905)

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