On The Table – That Famed Honey Chicken Wings

Fans of Lola’s cafe do not have to wait long in line just to try their famous chicken wings now cos the sister’s cafe On The Table serves exactly just that. Even though the location is a little bit off, but at the very least, the cafe sees lesser crowd and it’s located near the mrt, so it’s still accessible in some way. We went for a trek along the Southern Ridges before that so we were very happy to dig in to fill our famished stomach

Flat White $5

The coffee is smooth, medium bodied though a little more acidic but still has a good fragrance and was easy to drink

Mocha $5.50

We all agreed the flat white was better. The hot mocha tasted better than the iced version and the iced mocha tasted more like ice chocolate

Fries w Truffle Mayo $8

Well fried fries with a good truffle mayo sauce though for some reason, we couldn’t really taste the truffle in the mayo after awhile

Crispy Honey Wings $10

There, that famed chicken wings. Still tasted as awesome as I remembered. Honey and spice drizzled over addictive crispy wings

Mushroom & Cheese Sandwich $11

Even though this looks like a very normal plate of sandwich, you can taste the buttery fragrance of the brioche bread which was crispy and tasty without being too dry. The combination of mushroom, mozzarella cheese and onions just cannot go wrong. It was a pretty decent plate of sandwich

Salmon & Mushroom Truffle Cream Linguine $16

I was worried cream pasta will be too jelat after awhile but this creamy linguine was really tasty and appetising and you have no qualms finishing up the whole plate

Chicken Harissa Bolognese (Spicy) $15

The chicken harissa bolognese was pretty surprising in many ways. It tasted like minced pork than chicken and I like the generosity of the bolognese sauce which was full of flavours and blends well with the chicken

Tomato Swimmer Crab Linguine (Spicy) $16

A burst of tomato flavour with the sweetness of the crab meat. But I have to surprisingly admit the first 2 pasta stole my heart

Prawn Aglio Olio $18

The prawn aglio olio was the probably the most disappointing of the bunch. Even though it stands out for being the spiciest, but it lacked the fragrance of an aglio olio which paled in comparison to the full flavours that can be found in the other saucy pasta that we ordered

Waffle w Earl Grey and Bailey’s & Brownie $10

We enjoyed the crispy waffle and the fragrance exhibited by the earl grey icecream though the bailey’s tasted more like vanilla flavour

I think for being the sister cafe of Lola’s, there is some standard and consistency to their food and they have friendly service staffs. They serve some pretty good pasta and their food in general is pretty decent. The only downside was they only have 4 pasta as lunch items which makes ordering easy and limited. So for those who want to avoid the crazy queues of Lola’s, do consider On The Table a try as well

On The Table

118 Pasir Panjang Road, S(118541)

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