London Fat Duck – Delicious Roast Meat in Orchard

London Fat Duck doesn’t come from London but rather, it’s a collaboration between Singapore-based Fei Siong and Akashi groups and since both establishments have rather good reviews, this place shouldn’t be that bad. The restaurant took over Delicious, occupying a rather small area and also, they don’t accept reservations. So either you go early or go late to avoid the queue, if not be prepared to wait for abit

Though it gets fairly crowded, food comes out pretty fast

Signature London Roast Duck (Regular) $12.80

So we got the signature roast duck to try and I must admit, the duck was pretty good. The meat was really tender and you can taste the crispiness of the skin while enjoying the fats and sauce that was absorbed by the meat. What’s even better was the balachan chilli which you can help yourself to, which was spicy and goes well with the duck meat

Hong Kong Crackling Pork Belly $13.80

The pork belly was decent too and I thought it was on par with Yan Ting. A crackling skin on top of three juicy layers of fatty meat paired with the mustard was just delicious

BBQ Pork w Honey Sauce (Char Siew) $14.80

I was impressed by the char siew. In my opinion, it was better than Kay Lee’s. The burnt roast with the tender pork meat filled by the sweet honey sauce was a delight to feast on. It goes super well with the congee we ordered with the overwhelming flavour of the bbq meat and sauce though the sauce can be too sweet after awhile

Pig Liver Congee $7.50

The congee was good, smooth and tasty. It reminds me of the congee I had in Hong Kong but the liver here was a little too chewy

Signature Black Pepper London Duck Bun $4.80

The parents were very intrigued by the buns. The outer texture of the buns reminded me of Tim Ho Wan’s. It was smooth, sweet and has a good crispy texture when you chew. The sweet and peppery taste of the sauce was fragrant and tasty but I thought the they could do more with the meat filling

Hong Kong Egg Tart $4.30

The egg tarts were delicious too. The tart was crispy and buttery and the egg custard was smooth, light and sweet. We were considering to da bao some back as snacks

Steamed Cheong-Fun w Shrimp $5.80

The rice rolls has a consistent and thin texture, flavoured with the light soya sauce and succulent prawns was a decent dish as well

Steamed Pork Rib w Black Bean Sauce $4.80

I didn’t really like the pork ribs. It felt like there was more fats than meat and I was just eating the sauce than the meat

Steamed Pork Dumpling (Siew Mai) $5.60

Steamed Shrimp Dumpling (Har Gao) $5.80

Both the siew mai and har gao had nothing to pick on. I thought they were pretty decent dim sum dishes

In all, I thought the food here was pretty good and prices are reasonable given it’s located in Orchard. Even the parents say eating here feels like having a meal in Hong Kong. Even though London Fat Duck is renowned for using a special breed of duck called ‘Wagyu of Duck’ for its succulent meat, I thought the other roast dishes are pretty worth mentioning too. This might be a place I might go to if I miss Hong Kong dim sum in the future, provided the standard remains consistent few months down the road

London Fat Duck

B1-16/17, Scotts Square

6 Scotts Road, S(228209)

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