Jekyll & Hyde – It’s a Bar, Not That Korean Drama

One may easily miss this space, just cos it camouflages so well and if you didn’t take a closer look at the sign, you would just walk right past it. This place was introduced by A as we happened to be in the vicinity and we wanted somewhere for drinks. So subsequently we made it back for their Happy Hour which takes place from 6-8pm. The place doesn’t see much crowd if you go early but it gets filled up when the night progresses. And did I mention it’s a manicure and pedicure by day and a bar by night?

Charlie and The.. $20

Rum, Chocolate Bitters, Chocolate Liqueur & Frangelico

I like how they come with almond chocolate pocky. Plus point. It has the right balance of rum and chocolate without being too sweet. A creative, fun and easy to drink cocktail

Negroni Crisantemo $16

Chrysanthemum-infused Gin, Campari, Carpano, Peychuad’s Bitters

We were surprised by the heavy taste of alcohol but the chrysanthemum added some sweetness to it

Summertime Moonshine $25

Nigori Sake, Pandan Syrup & Melon

I really like this. Just a combination of my favourite liquor and ingredients

Bar food

They have a limited food menu so if you are thinking of something heavy, I would suggest you have dinner elsewhere before coming

Happy Hour Promotion – Drumlets $1 per piece

The $1 per piece promotion varies. So check with the servers for that day’s promotion. The drumlets were delicious. The batter was nicely fried to a golden brown and the meat was tender and juicy. And for $1 per piece, we just had to order another 6 pieces

Fish Spam Fries $13

I think most of the times we have pork luncheon meat so to see fish luncheon meat on the menu it’s pretty rare. I thought there was a slight fish taste to it though the friends said they tasted no difference. Their luncheon meat was good. The outer was really crispy but inside was soft and piping hot and to pair it with the sauce was delicious

Spicy Crab Mantou Sliders $11

A combination of spicy chilli crabmeat on sliced mantou. A little oily but the flavour came through

French Fries with Mentaiko Sauce $10

The friends love this a lot, slightly salted fries with Chef’s specially made mentaiko sauce. My only request it to give a bigger portion of the sauce 😀

I think this place makes a good place to htht. One, it is comparatively quieter to most bars where you can still have a conversation and hear each other without the music being too loud. Two, they serve really good bespoke and creative cocktails. Three, happy hour, what’s not to love? They have beers and hard liquor as well, just in case you are not a cocktail kind of person

Jekyll & Hyde

49 Tras Street S(078988)

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