Nunsongyee – Falling in Love with Korean Toast

Honestly speaking, I’m not a very big fan of Korean bingsu cos they all taste the same and it’s actually pretty expensive. It’s like an elevated version of our local ice kachang in all ways, from texture to the price. So the friend wanted to try Nunsongyee before they expand (well by the time this post is published, they have expanded) so we made our way to the super ulu location. If you are taking bus 317 from Serangoon, once you alight you should see steps down on your left and then you should be able to see this building. If you don’t, means you are at the wrong place šŸ˜€

Probably the only f&b outlet there and given it’s pretty secluded, it’s damn crowded. Gosh

Do note this is a cash-only payment place

Strawberry Yoghurt $6.90 and Strawberry & Blueberry $6.90

I think we were so excited arranging we forgot to take shots of the drinks. I like the Strawberry & Blueberry cos comparatively it ain’t that sweet. But after all the desserts, the sweetness in the Strawberry yoghurt fades away

Traditional Sweet ‘Ka-Rei’ Korean Ricecakes $7.90

I asked the friend if she wanted the sweet or spicy rice cakes and she went for the latter. But after having this, she said ‘I think we should have ordered the spicy one’ and I lol-ed. Honestly, there’s nothing special about this. It’s just rice cakes + honey. So, unless you really really like sweet rice cakes, I think you should try the spicy one as well

Black Sesame Bingsu $18.90

The peanut mochi was soft and chewy and I really enjoy the fragrance of the black sesame. The crunch of the almond gave a different texture to the otherwise smooth and silky snow ice which was a little under shadowed by the black sesame. But as you scoop further into it, you get to taste the milky taste of it

Injeolmi Toast $8.90

It’s like peanut butter toast, but Korean version. The sandwich was buttered and coated with smooth peanut powder which was inviting and delicious

Is this the best bingsu around? I’m not very sure. But I do read and hear comments about this place being their favourite bingsu place. Well, if you are a fan of Korean dessert, perhaps you can give this a try as well. I think, I still prefer my local ice kachang. To each to their own preference šŸ˜‰


45 Burghley Dr, S(559022)

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