CreatureS Cafe – Fusion Peranakan in A Beautiful Place

When I came across this name, I’m not quite sure how to pronounce it. Should I say it as Creature-S cafe or Creatures as a word? An interesting name to a pretty off the radar cafe, given you have to walk about 5-10 minutes if you are commuting from Farrer Park mrt. And while walking and taking in the environment, I was pondering if there is really a cafe here given its location

And so I finally found the place, yay!

Stepping into the cafe feels like stepping into a sanctuary. You can feel and smell it, specially if you are seated at the second level. Yes, they even have a second floor just cos this place is so popular it is always fully booked. So remember to make reservations!

The first floor

Leading to the balcony and washroom

The little balcony outside

The second floor. This place smells like spa, with its lemongrass scent lingering around the cafe

Lychee Konnyaku (Left) $6 Mango Sticky Rice (Right) $6

Yes you heard that right. Lychee Konnyaku and Mango Sticky Rice are the 2 tea we ordered to try. The lychee konnyaku gave a light lychee taste, just like how the konnyaku jelly would taste like. But somehow, the tea gets bitter if it sets for too long. The Mango Sticky Rice, on the other hand, was a winner. Sweet taste of mango accompanied by the fragrance of roasted rice was balanced and punchful, which was different and playful

Asian Herb Fries $12

We actually wanted to order truffle fries, but they were not available. According to the waiter, the stocks were not here. Okay, I guess he meant the truffle oil given evidently they serve the fries. The Asian Herb Fries were supposed to come with kaffir lime mayonnaise and I didn’t realise until the friend pointed it out. So when we requested for the mayo to be served, the waiter told us the the mayo ran out as well. Oh wow. The fries on its own, didn’t really stand out. They were evenly coated with spices but perhaps would taste even better with the mayonnaise. So check, if you are gonna order this without the mayo, don’t bother. Just save your stomach space

Roast Duck & Pear Salad $16

Chinese Roast Duck and Chinese Pear tossed in Butterhead Lettuce in Plum Sauce Dressing w Keropok

I really like the salad, possibly cos of the dressing. It was more like a chinese fusion salad more than anything but the combination of all 3 goes well together

Prawn and Pork Buah Keluak on Prata $15

I thought the bush keluak was a little heavy on the flavours. Other than being salty, I can’t really taste anything else. The prata lacked the fragrance of your kopitiam prata. This dish to me, was a mystery

Babi Pongteh $20

Slow-cooked Pork Belly in Tao Jiao and Assam Gravy w French Baguette

The babi pongteh was really delicious. Pork belly was cooked to breakable tenderness and melt in your mouth kind of fattiness. The blend of salted soybean and assam gravy was a balance of saltiness and acidity which goes well with the jiam tao loti though the sauce can be a little too salty towards the end

Carbonara Linguine $18

This wasn’t our first choice. We wanted the seafood risotto, which was unavailable cos the kitchen was so packed for the whole week they ran out of ingredients. Unbelievable. So we asked for off-the-menu vongole linguine, which was also unavailable. So depressing. And so we finally settled on carbonara

It’s a first carbonara I tried without the pasta sitting in a carbonara sauce. This dried version of carbonara was different as you can taste the sauce in each strand of pasta without being too overwhelming, in fact, wanting for more. I enjoyed the salty and crispy bacon along with the crunchy zucchini which goes very well with the pasta

CreatureS Chocolate Cake $15

Espresso Chocolate Sponge w Coconut Icecream and Homemade Salted Caramel

Though they have a long list of yummy desserts, not all are available. And if you can, order early and tell them to serve later cos items run out fast. So first on the list, highly recommended by the owner was the signature chocolate cake which was highly reviewed. Thick chocolate coated with sea salt on top of super soft chocolate sponge was delicious on its own. But together with the salted caramel and coconut icecream was heaven. It was a fight between the sweet icecream, salty caramel and warm sponge cake which the palate takes in bit by bit

I only realised after going through their instagram later. Hey! They gave us 2 slice of cake! whoohoo 🙂 They must be so apologetic they ran out of so many items. ha

Mango Parfait $10

Genoise Sponge, Fresh Mango, Fresh Mango Chantilly Cream & Rum

We were deciding between the durian cake and mango parfait and the owner recommended us to go for the latter for something different and his personal favourite. So we gave it a try and I must say, it is also my personal favourite. I enjoy this dessert even more than the chocolate cake. The parfait was light, sweet and delightful and you will just fall in love with the chantilly cream

CreatureS cafe might be a little off the radar, but I think it’s worth the walk to give it a try. I see the place being patronised by familiar patrons of the owner and it is definitely one beautiful place to dine at. Though the cons is probably, what you want might not necessarily be what is available for the day and you may end up being disappointed. Well, keep your fingers crossed then!

CreatureS Cafe

120 Desker Road S(209639)

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