Mad About Sucre – Back With 4 New Items

Came back to Mad About Sucre to try their new menu which has 4 new cakes in addition to the existing 3. I was quite excited to see what the new menu brings for I was left rather impressed on my first visit. So after calling them to reserve, we tried all 7 cakes (3 old + 4 new) and 6 tea that day, and we had so much trouble finishing everything =/

Luna de Miel $10.80

French Spring Honey Mousse, Blood Orange, Grapefruit, Savore Sponge, Short Pastry

The story behind this dessert was, it was believed that the French are very much deeply in love 29 days after they wed so the chef created this honeymoon dessert to reflect the sweetness of a newly wed couple. The different layers signify 2 people in love and building their foundation together while the blood orange jelly represents the couple staring their life as one

The dessert was sweet and light, clearly incorporating what the chef envisions. The orange jelly gave a sweet aftertaste to the beautifully crafted cake and you end the dessert with the short pastry that was buttery and fragrant. But somehow the dessert lacked variation with sweetness being only the only factor. There wasn’t much surprise from the dessert, which was disappointing

Tea to accompany was Vanilla with Rose tea. You could smell the aroma of the vanilla when the tea sets, however I thought there wasn’t much taste of rose in it

Jardin de Massialot $17.80

Traditional French Baked Dessert – French Vanilla, Egg, French Cream, 5 liquor-marinated CItrus Salad

They outdone themselves with this Traditional French recipe of Creme Brulee. It was different cos it’s more creamy and less eggy and when you eat it together with the fruits, the combination of the slight alcohol taste and the sweetness of the custard dances in your mouth. Add on a little peppermint leaf rounds off the dessert with the perfect ending

Tea to accompany was green tea with camomile, lavender and ginger. The tea was light and sweet, yet refreshing with the taste of ginger lingering slightly, which blends well with the creme brulee

Le Camibi $11.80

Corsica Almond Creme, Algeria Hazelnut Crunch, Madagascar Vanilla Mousse, Almond Sponge Cake

They call this the vanilla version of San Dom. It’s light, creamy and encompasses a slight almond taste which works wonderfully well with the almond crisp in white chocolate. Slice into half and you will see the secrets within the almond sponge. The hazelnut crunch at the base was a delight as it gave a well rounding applause to the end of the dessert

Tea to accompany was Chocolate Mint w Green tea, a subtle green tea base with a deep chocolate and refreshing mint taste

La Beaute, La Bete $12.80

British Cake, French Chocolate, Creme de Cassis, French Raspberry & Strawberry, Liquored Condiments

I must say, I was most disappointed by this dessert. The chocolate sponge was a little dry and overly dense and the strawberry and raspberry meringue seem out of place. It felt like the beauty and the beast was just two individuals that wasn’t meant to be together

Somehow, I was left more impressed on my first visit to Mad About Sucre. Some of the new cakes were kinda hit and miss but I’m glad they kept the Coco Citrus, San Dominque and my favourite Passione. I do hope they continue to surprise as I await what my next visit will bring. It is still my favourite patisserie till date with the good quality of ingredients used and the thought that goes behind the creation of each cake

Mad About Sucre

27 Teo Hong Rd, 088334

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