SEA Games 2015 – Celebrate the Extraordinary

Last weekend marks the official opening of SEA games ceremony which was really exciting since the last time Singapore hosted was in 1993, so here’s snippets of the event. I didn’t cover the whole games (like duh) but one weekend of SEA games is fulfilling enough

Carnival at National Stadium. They have like different kinds of games and all sort of merchandise

Penning down your support for Team Singapore

All the flags!

Flying tall and high

Games for kids. There were many many games, and alot alot kids =/

We had lots of fun watching people play this

They have to run and roll and hit the pins. It was super entertaining

Ready for opening ceremony

Hello Nila 🙂

And let the ceremony begins

This was really nice

Whoohoo! Singapore!

That’s alot of people =O I think if you stretch them out, we can fill the length of the stadium

A pity we can only catch fireworks from the screen but it was really pretty!

Appearance of the torch (though I can’t really tell where is she)

I had doubts that this is gonna be like National Day part 2 but I’m glad it isn’t. The opening ceremony was really nice and I’m glad we had the chance to watch it live

Funpack that everyone got to bring home

Moving on to the games. We watched gymnastic in the afternoon and swimming in the evening. Gymnast was pretty exciting though it was a pity we didn’t win. We missed by 2 points! (And it’s all because….)

Most exciting – Balance Beam

Big disappointment – The Vault

Home crowd really makes alot of difference. It’s either for the better or for worse. For swimming, the cheering is madness. I think people just scream on top of their lungs

On your mark

And we won!

This is super cute lah, seriously

I like how they engage the audience at every competition venue so that we won’t be bored. And watching a competition live is really exciting (that’s only if you know there’s a chance of winning)

Ending the night with the lighted cauldron

And with the games still ongoing, Go Team Singapore! 🙂

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