Restaurant Week 2014: Wolf @ Gemmill Lane

It’s the start of restaurant week again!

Every time I go to restaurant week, it feels like a roller coaster ride. The anticipation of some good/decent/spectacular food and the disappointment when reality doesn’t meet expectation. Haha so this time round, my first visit was at Wolf, a nose to tail dining restaurant located at Gemmill Lane near Club Street. It is Singapore’s first nose to tail dining concept so I guess there’s a certain hype. I love the feel of the place, just classy and elegant with high ceilings and dark furniture. And after we were seated, the show begins.

Swimmer Crab w Lime Aioli, Shaved Carrots & Cumin

Honestly when the starter came, we were like … that’s it? The minimal portion wasn’t attractive but with doubts aside, we began to dig in. I wasn’t very impressed with the crab. Yes it’s sweet and fresh but I thought the garnish was strange and didn’t go well

Confit & Smoked Duroc Pork Belly

The pork belly fared just a little bit better in terms of taste. Though I have to mention it is a little oily and the meat is a little tough

Pan-Fried Sea Bass w Sun-dried Tomato Beurre Blanc, Crushed Baby Potatoes & Wild Rocket

Honestly we wanted to order 2 sets of pork but I’m glad we stuck with 2 different mains. Even though the place is probably famous for their poultry dishes, their sea-bass was excellent. I love how succulent and well-cooked the fish is and the tomato puree was delightful. The sauce was so appetizing we paired it with the pork as well. The baby potatoes were soft and the wild rocket was nicely marinated

Nagano Pork Chop w Mesclun, Maple-glazed Sweet Potatoes

We went with medium for the meat doneness but it came half medium and half medium-rare. That aside, I enjoy the smokiness of the meat and the juiciness of the medium-rare doneness. Though I’m still curious why they did not offer us the platter of sauce to go with the pork but they did that for every other table #whyliddat

Rosemary Lemon Posset w Pistachio Shortbread

This was strange. Lemon and rosemary just don’t go together. The friend commented it tasted like ginger haha. And the pistachio shortbread was pretty tasteless

Salted Caramel Chocolate Tart

Sad to say, I can’t see any effort in their sea salt caramel chocolate tart. It felt like something they just outsourced from elsewhere or simply bought off the rack. The tart was pretty normal and the sea salt caramel was faint, very faint in fact

Latte was decent but we have to ask the staffs for coffee. We were very amused how they asked every other table if they would like some coffee to go along with their desserts but simply did not offer the choice to us. I mean yes, selection of coffee or tea was not included in the menu but still, out of politeness and good service, you can still ask right? The friend and I were joking maybe we were dressed too shabbily and looked like we can’t afford a cup of coffee

I think consistency is the word for this place. Being consistent in terms of food and service would probably make me rate them higher. I enjoyed their mains which I may probably go back for, if I ever go back. I will remember to dress better next time. ha

Wolf Nose to Tail Dining

18 Gemmill Lane S(069255)

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