452. Criollo Cocoa Cafe

The visit to this cafe wan’t an intentional one. It just happened we walked by and the friend was craving for waffles and we decided to pop in and try. Located at a corner of Orchard Gateway, it was empty and quiet and sitting next to the windows was just a good option to watch the day pass by. This cafe has a variety of menu from All Day Breakfast, Pasta and Main Course. We got a few to try since we were not particularly hungry

Truffle Fries

The description says shoestring, but I doubt it’s anything like that. The fries were mushy on the inside to the point you can taste the potato taste. The parmesan cheese had a very fake cheese taste to it. To put it simply, this dish failed

Fish n Chips

Imagine our horror when we realised we had more fries to finish. The fish was good, crisp on the outside and cooked right inside. I like the batter being just right. It’s just sad the fries didn’t make the mark

Waffles w Fresh Fruits

The waffles weren’t crisp. I would prefer them to be fluffier as well. It was a very forgettable plate of waffles

Chocolate Waffle

The presentation of the waffles probably score more than the taste. Though the chocolate waffles were crispier, they were very dry but the friend said the icecream was decent

Overall, we were not impressed. They have lots to work on if they wanna survive for a long while. The only upside was this cafe was quiet enough for you to just drink a cup of coffee and do your own thing since service wasn’t attentive as well

Criollo Cocoa Cafe

Orchard Gateway

#02-01, 277 Orchard Road S(238858)

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