451. Slake

It was an impromptu decision to visit Slake, one of the new restaurants that sprung in the East. And cos it is rather inaccessible, it will probably take someone to drive me there in order to visit them again. The S in Slake has a shape of a swan which we guessed they probably modelled it after the address. It is a pretty small establishment but being new doesn’t stop the crowd from coming in. We were lucky enough to get the last table and though we were seated outside, it was a good place to chill

Sweet Potato Fries

The sweet potato fries were good. They were deep fried nicely and the killer sauce goes very well with it

Spicy Wings

The wings were a disappointment. First, they were tiny. Second, they were not spicy. It was not worth it to pay that kind of price for these small portion of wings. I rather have my BBQ chicken wings anytime

Portobello Mushroom Gratin

The portobello mushrooms were pretty normal. It felt like they were missing something

Asian Pesto Noodles

The pesto chicken noodles were one of their signatures, and worthy enough to be their signatures. The sauce was pretty amazing. It had a mixture of thai flavours along with the beautifully balanced herb flavours and the chicken was very tender

Crackly Pork

The crackly pork could have been better. It was not bad, but not tasty enough to leave an impression

Slow Cooked US Angus Beef

The beef was nicely done and marinated. We love the sweet potato mash that came along with it but we regretted ordering the extra portion of foie gras. It was small and not very awesome. I think Saveur might have done a better job with it

A dash of pink

I see this place with potential, if they could have master the taste of their food and improve on the portion. The owners said the small portion is to encourage sharing but the problem is the wait time gets too long. For the Easties or those that happen to be in the East, it’s worth giving a try. For the rest, don’t bother. There are new restaurants popping up every other month


15 Swan Lake Avenue S(455711)

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