450. Comnam Broken Rice Bowl

Comnam, the sister restaurant of Nam Nam is a new brand under the Les Amis group of restaurants. It took over the space of Canele at Raffles City shopping centre serving Vietnamese broken rice bowl. Broken rice is something different as it introduces the concept of peasant food since the commoners are too poor to enjoy good quality rice. Somehow I find the deco of Comnam too yellowish and the tables are too cramped within each other.

It’s a pay-at-the-counter kind of service

Hot Lotus Tea, Ice Lotus Tea & Ice Coffee w Condensed Milk

We didn’t like the lotus tea. I think it requires acquired taste to appreciate it. The coffee on the other hand was pretty disappointing. I thought it tasted like kopitiam’s ice kopi

Spicy Tomato Egg Drop, Dill, Crab & Pork

The spicy tomato soup wasn’t very spicy w a very strong tomato taste. I thought the soup was quite normal, it feels like something you can whip up at home

Crispy Squid

Our appetiser came the last, after we finished our main courses. I have a thing with appetiser arriving after main courses. I mean whats the point of ordering appetiser if it cannot come fast enough. I would have ordered desserts then. Maybe cos we were already full by then, the squid was nothing spectacular. It felt like the street food in Vietnam could have done this better

Sliced Patin Fish, Fried Chicken Balls & Beansprouts

I actually thought the bowl looks quite sad. haha

The soup was light and sweet and the chicken balls were pretty good. Though I think the broken rice tastes better in the dry version

Marinated Fried Pork Cutlet w Chicken Ham, Viet Steamed Egg, Pork & Fungus

The pork cutlet was fragrant and tender and the skin was deep fried crisply. I thought it can be better if they remove the bone of the pork. But the star of the dish – the broken rice had a very coarse texture which I didn’t like it. To put it simply, it was nothing special

Prawns, Tomato-Turmeric Sauce, Fish Cake w Viet Steam Egg, Pork, Fungus, Pickles & Crispy Pork Crackling

The tomato sauce was appetising and I like the fish cakes though I wouldn’t say the same about the fungus & pickles

I think we are too privileged to have good quality rice and not able to appreciate peasant’s food. I don’t find the rice here very flavourful and I can’t find the draw about this place. I think it needs to do more for me to go back there again. I rather visit Nam Nam anytime

Comnam Broken Rice Bowl

Raffles City Shopping Centre

252 North Bridge Road B1-46/47 S(179103)

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