449. Toa Payoh Mellben Seafood

My last dinner on a weekday had us feasting at Mellben Seafood Toa Payoh! I have never tried this outlet before so I anticipate how different it will be. The difference with the Ang Mo Kio one is they accept reservations here so 2 hours queue no more 😀  It wasn’t very crowded while we were there mainly cos it was a weekday which was good, since we won’t feel pressurised to leave.

Steam Bamboo Clams w Minced Garlic

I don’t think we wanted to order this but the auntie kept recommending the bamboo clams so in the end we gave it a try. The bamboo clams were quite good – sweet & fresh

Broccoli w Beancurd Skin

We ordered broccoli w beancurd skin but this dish felt more like beancurd skin w broccoli. The amount of beancurd skin they gave was really generous. I like the texture of the beancurd skin and the flavours were just right. I thought the broccoli paled in comparison maybe cos the gravy was all absorbed by the beancurd skin

Guinness Stout Pork Ribs

The pork ribs had a (very) faint taste of guinness stout though the meat was cooked really well. I wished I can taste more of the guinness stout to bring out the contrast of the dish

Claypot Crab Vermicelli Soup

One of their signatures that people come down all the way for. The soup was amazing with the crab essence  and the crabs were fresh and sweet

Creamy Butter Crab

Also another must-order. Dipping the mantou with the sauce was just amazing. The creamy butter crab at Mellben is simply one of the better ones around in Singapore

Salted Egg Yolk Crabs

I remembered I didn’t like the one at Ang Mo Kio but this dish redeemed itself this time round. The salted egg yolk was coated well and evenly such that you can taste the saltiness of the salted egg yolk but also the sweetness of the crabs

Chilli Crabs

I still think chilli crabs here paled as compared to other seafood restaurants. The gravy has a rich tomato flavour which I didn’t really like it though towards the end the spiciness came on. I preferred my chilli crab sauce to be more balanced

Mini Mantou

And what’s crabs without mantous. I think the person who invented mantous to go with crabs is the best invention ever. haha

It was amazing how much we can eat. Though I think the crabs here are generally smaller, but the freshness of the crabs makes up for it. And the best deal of the night? We met Ethan Ruan who was dining at Mellben that night, and he was so good looking. haha #starstruck

Toa Payoh Mellben Seafood

211 Toa Payoh Lorong 8

Singapore 310211

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