448. Noir Art Specialty Coffee

Noir Art Specialty Coffee, is one of those hole-in-a-wall cafe where the place is so tiny it can only seat a few people. It isn’t air conditioned as well, so imagine the heat you get in Singapore’s sunny weather. I like the furniture and tableware though, somehow the uniqueness gave the cafe its own identity.

The menu is simple and so are the cakes on display so you wouldn’t take long to make your choices.

Our coffee & cakes are served!

Flat White

The coffee was forgettable. Though this place roast their own beans, I couldn’t quite taste the uniqueness they hope to offer. It was just a normal white coffee


The mocha had a rich chocolate taste to it so for those for prefer your mocha this way, you might enjoy the brew they have here

Classic Cheesecake

The cheesecake was light. It didn’t really have a strong cheesecake taste so for those who prefer your cheesecake creamy, you might find this a little bland. It’s a case of either you like it or, hate it

Pistachio Cake

The pistachio cake tasted very much like carrot cake. The taste of the pistachio was so faint we had trouble identifying it.

Overall, this place is just disappointing. I think it has lots of improvement to work on and with Whale & Cloud just round the corner, it will just play second fiddle to it. It is a good cafe to pop in just so Whale & Cloud happened to be closed and people are lazy to travel far to cafe hop. But then again with so many new cafes in Little India & Farrer Park, this cafe might just be one of those to be forgotten soon.

Noir Art Specialty Coffee

23 Mackenzie Road S(228680)

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