22 Things to Do in Taipei – Play, Eat & Relax!

Did a compilation of some things you can try/do/eat based on my latest Taipei trip. Hopefully, these can be some suggestions to those who are visiting. Personally I think there are many activities you can do there to experience Taiwanese culture, you just have to hunt for it. And it’s all beyond just┬ávisiting Taipei 101…

Cafe Hopping: Necessary Provisions / Lynn’s Cakes

Cafe hopping continued. Next stop, Necessary Provisions located at a very ulu part of Bukit Timah. I have no idea how people come here if they don’t drive, I mean besides the fact they lived nearby. Necessary Provisions was a place with a dark exterior, so much that people cannot find the entrance to the…

448. Noir Art Specialty Coffee

Noir Art Specialty Coffee, is one of those hole-in-a-wall cafe where the place is so tiny it can only seat a few people. It isn’t air conditioned as well, so imagine the heat you get in Singapore’s sunny weather. I like the furniture and tableware though, somehow the uniqueness gave the cafe its own identity….

Cafe Fest 2014

Cafe Fest 2014, the first cafe hopping event ended last weekend. It was meant to bring cafe lovers together to enjoy good food, coffee and company by having 12 cafes under one roof but somehow it ended driving more grievances and frustration among the partygoers. I guess it’s the lack of manpower, lack of communication…

418. Jewel Cafe and Bar (Rangoon Road)

Jewel Cafe and Bar is not new. This cafe has probably been around for a year or so but I never found a chance to visit it. And since working near Jewel Coffee at Asia square (that serves fabulous coffee), we always wanted to try this outlet at Rangoon road for its extensive food menu….