418. Jewel Cafe and Bar (Rangoon Road)

Jewel Cafe and Bar is not new. This cafe has probably been around for a year or so but I never found a chance to visit it. And since working near Jewel Coffee at Asia square (that serves fabulous coffee), we always wanted to try this outlet at Rangoon road for its extensive food menu. This place is rather spacious. They have a second floor that looks cozy and good for quiet talks, its first floor for communal sharing and a tiny alfresco.

Flat White

Somehow the coffee here wasn’t as good as the one at Asia Square. Even though the portion is huge but perhaps they only use one kind of coffee beans here so there wasn’t any excitement. The one at Asia Square allows you to choose between 2 different kind of coffee beans and so bringing out the different flavour of each choice made

Praise the Lard w Added Truffle Fries

Bacon Jam, Arugula, American Cheese & Granny Smith Slices

Sounds strange for a burger combination. But the bacon jam was delicious, the patty was together and juicy and the grammy smith slices were crunchy. The bun was toasted and soft and truffle fries were perfect. It was a pretty decent plate of burger

Umami Prawn Capellini

Somehow I always feel that capellini makes you feel full easily. Having bonito flakes on pasta might not be the best combination but the prawns were nicely grilled. The pasta in my opinion wasn’t fantastic but I would love to give other pasta a try

It’s definitely one place I would love to go back. This cafe, like the name, is definitely a jewel that needs to be slowly uncovered and appreciated.

Jewel Cafe & Bar

129 Rangoon Road S(218407)

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