417. Potato Head Folk @ Keong Saik Road

Potato Head Folk finally opened its doors in Singapore. The much awaited PTT is a total different concept from its Bali counterpart. Here, they only serve burgers and cocktails and they don’t take reservations. So go early if not you have to count your lucky stars for getting a table in that small dining space.

The 3 story PTT occupies the previous Tong Ah shop space at Keong saik road. The first floor is more like a quick dining area, the second floor is the restaurant and the third floor is the bar. I like how the interior is so whimsical and funky. It brings out a different flavour of PTT in a somewhat casual and relaxed atmosphere.

Gin and Juice

It honestly tastes like OJ. The friends insist there was a faint taste of gin in it, well just a very faint taste.

Naughty Fries & WIng-Its

Fries were potato-cut, drizzled with parmesan and topped with chilli beef was just way awesome

The wings were sinfully delicious coated with BBQ sauce and the crumbs were so crispy. We could not stop

Baby Huey

It’s one good burger. Enough said


The buttermilk fried chicken was amazing. Love the hot sauce drizzled on it and the miso mayo paired with the burger. We were pleasantly surprised by how good it was

A different concept, yet the food doesn’t disappoint. It serves some really good burgers though I think the menu is pretty limited. It”s worth coming though but if you think the wait is too long, fear not there’s plenty of stuffs to eat in the area 🙂

Potato Head Folk

36 Keong Saik Road S(089143)

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