419. Hai Di Lao @ 313 Somerset

Finally get a chance to try Hai Di Lao hotpot after its 2nd branch opened at 313 Somerset. This place is known for their friendly staff service and extensive queue if you do not make reservations. And while waiting, you get to enjoy manicure services (though I’m not too sure if it’s free). This outlet has an additional playroom for kids and many more tables for waiting customers to sit around. I think I’ll go this outlet anytime since you get to shop around while waiting.

The very tiny playroom

I thought it was a pretty big place with private rooms available

The sauce section

Well, we told them we were celebrating our friend’s birthday but.. totally didn’t expect this lol

And choosing your ala carte menu using ipad

Their famous chicken and ma la soup. I love their ma la soup, it goes so well with the tau pok 😀

And some of the dishes I managed to capture while the rest has already gone into the stomach

Managed to snap a decent shot of the hotpot feast cos the food comes as fast as it goes

Thoughtful of the staffs to give us the ladle stand

Watching the chef swing the 刀削面 who makes it a point to swing above our head, and the noodles totally taste like ban mian

Surprise #2

The happy birthday song started playing and the whole restaurant was looking around who’s celebrating their birthday. It turned out the staffs prepared a birthday fruits platter for us + a photo frame present for the birthday boy. #wewereequallyshocked

Probably the extent of their thoughtfulness is enough to warrant another visit. The downside? Their latest reservation stands at 6pm

Hai Di Lao

313 Orchard Road, 313 Somerset

Level 4, S(238895)

3 Comments Add yours

  1. I have heard about this place for a while now but haven’t tried it out. Seems like a pretty cool place to chill out in even when waiting for a table!


  2. Anonymous says:

    Free manicure! But heard that manicure also has waiting list


  3. Anonymous says:

    Free manicure! but manicure also has waiting list 😉


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