420. Arbite @ Serangoon Gardens

Arbite has been around for some time. I remembered the hype when everyone was raving about its sea salt caramel pancakes so I decided to bring my parents there for lunch to try their new menu since they have never been there before. The place is still as crowded and reservation is highly recommended. So what’s gone and new? Honestly, plenty.

Flat White

Coffee was good though the art kinda failed

Truffle Fries

They made this a permanent resident on its menu (lol)

Apple Strudel Pancakes

Where’s my seasalt caramel pancakes?! *inserts horror look* haha anyway, these apple strudel pancakes were not that fantastic. Something was missing, and I just can’t put a finger to it

Tako Risotto

Awesome risotto in squid ink sauce. The octopus was cooked fairly well

Seafood Tagliatelle

Probably one of the best seafood tagliatelle I’ve had. The sauce was so appetising, seafood was fresh and the portion was generous.

Skip desserts cos we were so full. Hopefully I will have the chance to go back and try their other dishes. They have a fairly interesting menu like lobster mac and cheese & beef rendang tagliatelle. And I have to say, I prefer Arbite than its sister branch, A for Arbite. This place, though small, feels more homely and the quality of the food here is more consistent.


66 Serangoon Garden Way S(555962)

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