Cafe Hopping: Necessary Provisions / Lynn’s Cakes

Cafe hopping continued. Next stop, Necessary Provisions located at a very ulu part of Bukit Timah. I have no idea how people come here if they don’t drive, I mean besides the fact they lived nearby. Necessary Provisions was a place with a dark exterior, so much that people cannot find the entrance to the cafe. We were sitting at the window seats and were very amused how they walked up and down and around and finally decided to ask us where’s the entrance. It was very crowded at the time we went, and we missed their lunch hour so they only have drinks and bakes of the day available.

Absolutely packed

Iced Espresso Cubes w Milk

Super adorable. I love how the milk comes in mini bottles and you can slowly pour them into the glass of espresso cubes

And it changes colour! The caffeine was very strong even after adding the milk. It felt like 2 bottles weren’t enough. haha

Orange & Grapefruit Juice

The friend couldn’t take any more caffeine, and hence the juice

Iced Valrhona Chocolate

Sweet, creamy and very thick. I’m sure you will be very full after you finish this glass of ice chocolate

Just drinks for our teatime break

And 2 doggies to keep us company

The bakes did not get our attention, so we settled for drinks. I doubt we will have the stomach for any food anyway. Honestly, I wouldn’t make a trip down since it is pretty inaccessible but I guess for people who lived nearby, it is a cafe that is good to spend your time away

Necessary Provisions

21 Eng Kong Terrace S(598993)

We went down a few shops to Lynn’s Cakes, which apparently was pretty famous for their carrot cakes. The cafe was crowded with everyone enjoying a teatime snack so we had 2 cakes to share.

Carrot Cake (Top) and Red Velvet Cake (Bottom)

Out of the 2, I actually preferred the red velvet more. The batter had a rich red velvet taste but the cream cheese frosting was just normal

I think Whale & Cloud serves one of the best carrot cakes. Lynn’s carrot cake was decent, but not amazing. And we didn’t particularly like the lemon frosting. It was a very forgettable piece of carrot cake

So this marks the end of our cafe hopping day out. Our stomach officially gave up. I’m glad after using all the vouchers, we only spend $20 each. I have to emphasize cafe hopping is a really expensive hobby. haha

Lynn’s Cakes & Coffee

21 Eng Kong Terrace S(598983)

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