460. Prive @ CHIJMES

Fans of Prive will be happy to know that they have their second outlet opened, located at the refurbished Chijmes. It is different from the one at Keppel which was targeted like a brunch place but Prive @ Chijmes is for the the after-work, to chill & unwind. I love the atmosphere of the place for it feels very un-Singapore. The place is easily packed so reservations recommended.

Can I suggest they keep minimal things on the table so that we can maximise the space. We have so much nonsense on the table that we have no space for food to be placed

Apple Cider Sangria

I wanted to see how special an apple cider sangria would be. One, it definitely doesn’t taste like sangria. Two, it doesn’t taste like apple cider. haha It’s like a drink on its own. But I love how they added the fruits in, to make this drink fun and strong. The peaches were awesome, after infused in all the alcohol

Spicy Spaghetti Arrabbiata w Pan-Roasted Slipper Lobster

I would appreciate their presentation to be better. With the sauce lingering at the side of the plate, it looks like a very sloppy plate of pasta that was tossed and thrown on the plate. And I don’t understand why I couldn’t change my spaghetti to linguine. It’s not like I’m asking for my lobsters to be changed to crabs. Sheesh, nevermind I shall attain the faults to them being newly opened. That aside, the taste was excellent. The sauce was flavourful and the lobster was cooked well. I love how they add spices to create different textures

Bad Ass BBQ Burger

Again, presentation. Seriously Prive, I had expected better. The plate just look sad.

Wagyu Beef patty, Button Mushrooms, Dried Bonito Flakes & Homemade BBQ Sauce

I thought the burger was quite good though you certainly can’t tell that it’s wagyu beef patty. The patty was firm and a little tough but I like the sauce and the garnish. Fries were a little overfried. They just need more practice to make this plate a good plate of BBQ beef burger

I wouldn’t mind going back there. It’s a nice place to chill and relax with decent food and drinks. Hopefully the next time when I’m back, the place has already improved.

Prive @ Chijmes

#01-35, 30 Victoria Street, S(187996)

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