Cafe Hopping: Common Man Coffee Roasters / Toby’s Estate

Went cafe hopping one weekend with the friends just cos we had vouchers to utilise and we had a car that day. So we visited 4 cafes in 6 hours and after the 6 hours, we were so full we wanted to puke and die. It’s amazing how we can order and finish everything up at every location. I’m gonna blog about the cafes over 2 posts so that it wouldn’t be too lengthy and enough to make you come back to my humble blog heh. First stop, Common Man Coffee Roasters. I love CMCR, mainly for the food. Yes it’s expensive, don’t take reservations and a little out of the way but I’m very fortunate on both occasions when I go, I didn’t actually have to wait for a seat and there’s a car to take me there.

Flat White

Flat White

The coffee was a little different that day, a little more acidic and nutty than usual but it was still a good brew

Common Man Pancakes

Pancakes w caramelized bananas, salted caramel sauce, nutty crumble & berry coulis

I love the crumble. It was damn awesome. I don’t think the presentation looks very exciting. I mean it looks like a pile of sand on 2 pancakes with berry sauce drizzling anyhow over it but the taste brings the dish to justice. I find the pancakes a little dry though but the flavours were good

Organic Egg Benedicts w Braised Ox Cheeks and Sourdough

I never knew ox cheeks and egg bens go together. The ox cheeks were braised to perfection, just moist, tender & flavourful. Just pair the egg, meat and bread together, it was amazing

Common Man Churros

The churros were disappointing. The dough was too moist to my liking

We were seated at the bar, and then some glassware exploded and flew into our direction (into our coffee and food). haha it was quite eventful for a weekend brunch I have to say. I think we were quite shocked for the next 15 minutes. CMCR isn’t new. For them to compete with so many new cafes popping up each month but yet the cafe is still full everytime you visit, it shows that there’s a certain standard to it. And they have alfreco dining now, where you can bring your dogs along to dine with you

Common Man Coffee Roasters

22 Martin Road #01-00 S(239058)

Next in line was Toby’s Estate, which was pretty close by. We half expected it to be packed and have to settle with outdoor dining under the very hot sun but to our surprise, we actually got indoor seats! yay! It wasn’t very crowded during lunch hours on a weekend which was pretty surprising.


It was strong, and very bitter (ohmygoodness)

Hot Mocha

A very chocolately cup of mocha


I ordered this not knowing what to expect just thought it was fun to try something different. The coffee came in a wine glass and the brew was rather acidic, so in the end I have to add sugar to make it better. haha I know right, so much for being adventurous. I think I will stick to flat white next time

The Tobias Burger

The Tobias Burger was really good. The patty was moist and sweet, in a firm and soft texture, balanced by the cheese and mushrooms. The brioche bun was crispy and soft and the pickled beetroot gave a contrast to the palate.

Lunch after brunch, served with a glass of coffee

I think we were amazing.

Toby’s Estate

8 Rodyk Street, #01-03/04 S(238216)

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