447. 8 Stanley Street

I don’t think 8 Stanley Street is very new but the inconspicuous cafe along the stretch of soup stalls just don’t stand out. It is good for customers since we don’t have to fight with the lunch crowd. There are always seats there and it just don’t feel as crowded as compared to restaurants elsewhere. Interior of the place is simple and the barista was from Oriole Cafe & Bar so for those who missed his coffee, you can continue enjoying the coffee here now.

Flat White & Latte

The coffee was smooth and light and had a natural balance

They have lunch sets or you can choose to go ala carte. So we took one lunch set and had an additional order. The lunch set consists of a starter and a main that goes for $14.80 and you can add on a coffee to complete your meal

Smoked Duck Salad (Part of set)

Duck Breast, Romaine Lettuce & Raspberry Vinaigrette

It was very sour, and just strange

Pan Seared Sea Bass (Part of set)

The fish was a little overcooked and the sauce tasted like pasta sauce which we thought it didn’t go very well.

BBQ Pulled Pork w Apple Slaw, Ciabatta Bread & Fries

I topped up $1 for truffle fries, and.. I think we should just stick to normal fries next time. This pulled pork sandwich is one of the better pulled pork I ever had. The pork was very tender and flavourful and I like how it paired with the apple slaw to give different textures

Stanley’s Classic

Espresso Infused Waffle w Walnut Crumble & Vanilla Bean Icecream

They don’t serve waffles during lunch cos the waiting time is too long, but they make an exception for us (HEHE). If you eat the waffles on its own, it is a little dry but when you paired it with the icecream, it is amazing. The waffle had a faint taste of the espresso which was good since too much will be overwhelming. Adding the walnut crumble was smart and I like how the vanilla bean icecream had a very strong vanilla taste

Overall, I think the food here is generally well received and the service was good. I will definitely come back here for the pulled pork sandwich and waffles again

8 Stanley Street, S(082001)

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