453. Tonkatsu & Sake Bar Tonzaemon @ CHIJMES

Tonkatsu fans alert! A new tonkatsu restaurant has found itself in the ground of CHIJMES. Tonkatsu Tonzaemon by Ma Maison opened up some time back and have been serving delicious deep fried loin cutlets. It’s a small place, like how most Japanese restaurants are. I would say the ambience feels very much like Japan tonkatsu restaurants – small, contained and strong orange lighting. We visited on a weekend for lunch and there wasn’t much crowd. But I believe this place will gather more crowd in near future, for its excellent tonkatsu is worth coming back.

Japanese chefs helming the small restaurant


I would say the sweet and spicy didn’t really have much contrast. The spicy sauce felt sweet, and the sweet sauce well felt sweet too

While waiting for our food, the Japanese couple beside us received their piping hot tonkatsu cutlets and were going ‘hmmmm’ and nodding their heads away – the first sign of good food coming. We had the set lunch menu, which was applicable to weekends that comes with refillable rice, cabbage & tonjiru

Rosu Katsu Set (Pork Loin) – 120g

The pork was firm, tender and juicy. The outer layer was evenly crispy without feeling overly oily. The cabbage with the sesame sauce was perfect

You can choose between multigrain and normal rice. So I picked one each to see what’s the difference. The multigrain rice actually tasted like normal rice. They have the same silky soft pearl-like texture without much difference to the taste

Kurobuta Cutlet Set

The Kurobuta meat was splendid. It was firm, tender and very juicy. I actually prefer the Kurobuta to the Rosu Katsu. The texture and the marinate for the meat is pretty much the same but the meat for Kurobuta is much tender

The rock salt for the Kurobuta, which gave a different feel when you pair the meat up with


The tonjiru was very delicious. It has strong flavours and I love the radish in the soup

 Almond Pudding with Red Beans

Dessert that was part of the lunch set. The almond pudding is probably one of the best I ever had. The almond was strong and the pudding was so silky. The addition of red beans gave a really nice sweet ending to the desserts. I left the place craving for more almond pudding.

Price-wise; I thought it was the same as what I had in Japan. But this place is definitely one I will come back for its tonkatsu is probably one of the best I’ve eaten in Singapore. It is not difficult to locate the place if you take the traffic light from Raffles City Shopping Centre. A few shops down and you will find it. They take reservations for dinner so for those who worry about queuing, fear not. I didn’t like Ma Maison restaurants but I’m glad Tonkatsu Tonzaemon is now part of them

Tonkatsu & Sake Bar Tonzaemon By Ma Maison


30 Victoria Street, #01-09 S(187996)

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