Restaurant Week 2014: Una @ One Rochester

I’m glad when one of my restaurant week restaurants didn’t go well, the other was the total opposite. Una at One Rochester is a very beautiful place that serves Spanish, French & Italian cuisine individually (not fusion). It boosts a new image from Roast which was the previous occupant (that serves pretty disappointing brunch). I’m glad the restaurant now is helmed by Chef Jean-Philippe Patruno whom has created a special restaurant week menu so I was pretty excited to try.

Such a romantic place for people to propose, to be proposed or to hold your engagement parties here

I like how the tables are spaced out from each other where you can have your own private conversation and not feel intruded. The staffs are very friendly too, constantly checking on diners to make sure everything’s well. Even though it may seem empty now, but the restaurant was fully occupied few hours later

Complimentary bread; warm, soft and crispy

Butternut Squash Soup w Orange Truffle & Feta Terrine

The butternut squash was beautiful. It was creamy and smooth, balanced by the flavours of orange fruit and feta cheese

Beef Carpaccio w Octopus & Sweet Onions

Though it seems a little scary and bloody, but the beef carpaccio was by far one of the best I’ve tasted. The sweetness of the meat combined with the fried onions and rocket leaves was amazing. I like how the octopus is nicely done and gave a different texture to the dish

One-pot Cod, Chorizo, Butter Beans & Goat Cheese

I think it takes a lot of skill to cook a cod. It can be either flaky or overcooked but the cod here was perfect. I love the crusted skin and the garnish of sweet onions though the chorizo and cheese seems a little strange to pair with a fish dish

Glazed Pork Chop, Cabbage & Salsa Verde

The pork chop was nothing to rave about. I thought the meat was a little overdone and dry. Wolf definitely has better pork chops

Chocolate Fondant & Pistachio Icecream

The chocolate fondant was really thick to start with. The icecream really has a strong pistachio taste to it and the friend cannot stop raving about it

But it was really, really good

And when night falls, the place became even more beautiful (sooo romantic haha)

Celebrated the friend’s 25th! Happy birthday my dear friend 🙂 Though I was sad they forgot about my special request

(credits to Z)

It was my first visit to Una, but I anticipate my next visit here. While we were chatting over dinner, the aroma of the seafood paella from the next table was so strong and fragrant we were totally attracted to it. I anticipate what other surprises Una can bring. It’s a place I’ll totally recommend for special occasions or just simply for good food


One Rochester, 1 Rochester Park S(139212)

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