337. Eight Cafe & Bar

Eight café & bar located on Bukit Pasoh road is a very unassuming restaurant, in fact it was a little, well different. The interior was simple yet homely. It feels like a good place to catch up with friends if you are sick of the fancy restaurants in the area. And the food was certainly welcoming. They have 2 set lunches per day that comes with a choice of soft drink/ice lemon tea so we gave it a try.

Louisiana Spicy Wings

The wings taste like buffalo wings. A very safe dish that was nicely marintated

Vietnamese-style Beef Noodles (Set lunch of the day)

It certainly wasn’t anything we expected. When the server told us it was soupy, we thought it’s covered in broth. That being said, I enjoyed the noodles a lot. The taste was as good as I could remember. The presence of pine nuts added texture and flavor to it.

Curry Chicken with Rice (Set lunch of the day)

Generous serving of potatoes and chicken.  Curry was smooth and creamy. It feels like how your grandma will cook curry at home.

I like this place for its quietness and unpretentious and homely food. It’s a good place to have lunch if you work around there.

Eight Café & bar

8 Bukit Pasoh Road, S(089822)

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